Thousands of dead fish found in the Carcarana River in Argentina

Fish Kill Alert
Thousands of dead fish were the last days in the basin of the Río Carcarañá. La Vera are floating large variety of specimens that were dragged from the province of Cordoba, some follow their path by the force of the waters and others are trapped on the side of the river. In the whole of the coast feels a strong stench. LaCapital observed in its traveled bogas, moncholos, shads, carps and old water, among other varieties, floating lifeless.
The situation was detected Sunday in Cordoba localities of Moscow and Monte corn, on Monday began to see the first fish in Carcarañá, on Tuesday increased the picture and yesterday in sectors they covered the sides of the river. A fisherman explained that the species came from the arroyo Saladillo in Cordoba that, together with the Calamuchita – a few kilometers before – form the Carcarañá. Specialists noted that the reason for the carnage might be the high temperature in the region, though many fishermen consulted by this newspaper not brushed aside the issue of pollution of any company in Cordoba soil or any agrochemical which – by the rainfall – derived toxicity from the fields to the waters of the river.
“We are very concerned about what happened, many people enjoy the River at this time and many also live of fishing,” pointed out the locals. In addition, another resident of the area said that “are 10 or 20 thousand fish died in the bed of the River, not may require.” “Are large bream, moncholos, Tarpon and tents”. Another fisherman gave his testimony and said: “now a several week not you must fish in the area until it is determined whether they died of contamination or not; that affects income and up to the power of many, but have to take care of yourself”. And he said: “I live a mile from the River, and I said to the guys yesterday and today to not draw the fish which can be dangerous to your health”.
On the fact is pointed out that the death of the fish had its origin in the province of Córdoba. For that reason, given the intervention to Mediterranean environmental police, which took water samples to make different assessments in Bucharest and Monte corn, which was a similar situation in the Saladillo River. Apart from studies, many experienced local fishermen disbelieve that the cause of death of fish has been very sudden change of temperature or the downspout from the river. “Although it is under the runway, there were times that had lower level and did not take place this, never saw something of such magnitude”, said Martin, a local man and that comb reeds.
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