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Another 50 dead turtles wash up on the coast of El Salvador

Más tortugas marinas llegan muertas a Playa Dorada
More sea turtles arrive dead to Playa Dorada
More sea turtles arrived dead to Playa Dorada, in the municipality of Santa Isabel Ishuatán, Sonsonate, said fishermen to those responsible for the turtle nursery located in that place.
15 days ago have appeared more than 50 copies without life. Wálter Aparicio, one of the managers of the nursery, said the tortoises are eating a jellyfish called “ice”, and causing death. He said that was what explained the Ministry of environment and natural resources (MARN).
“15 days ago as more than 50 dead turtles are going.” Say the fishermen that come more dead turtles afloat… MARN said that the cause of death is a jellyfish called ‘ice’. They say that that you are finding in the intestine,”said Ponce.
Santos Emilio Flores, Member of the Association of Local development of Playa Dorada, said yesterday that they are concerned because they had not seen so many turtles without life. “We are concerned because more turtles have appeared and in the past that did not occur,” said flowers.
On Saturday appeared two dead turtles. The first, at 3:30 in the afternoon; and the second, at 8 in the evening, according to Flores.
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Thousands of dead fish wash up in Kapiti Coast River, New Zealand

Fish Kill Alert
Thousands of dead fish have washed up at a river on the Kapiti Coast , leaving local fishermen bemused.
But the Council insists there’s nothing fishy about the large-scale stranding.
Newshub spoke to local whitebaiter Swanny, who said he’s never seen anything like the amount of Smelt fish that washed up at the Otaka riverbed earlier this week.
He said he’s been coming to the river for more than 60 years.
“You catch a lot of Smelt in November in your net. It might be four or five dozen at a time sort of thing, so you just tip them back. But I’ve never seen nothing like this – this is one out of the books,” he said.
Local iwi were the first to alert The Greater Wellington Regional Council to the dead fish,which threatened to disrupt the popular fishing and whitebaiting spot.
Samples from the river were sent to Nelson’s Cawthron Institute and their testing found no signs of harmful algae bloom.
Instead, evidence suggests the smelt died from a mass stranding.
The council says there’s no danger to public health or the health of the river.
But it’s likely to remain a mystery as to why so many fish swam to their deaths.
Swanny says the New Zealand Smelt fish aren’t good to eat as they’re small and smell like cucumber.
So the remaining dead fish won’t be scooped up by locals, who plan to persevere with their rods and whitebaiting nets.
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Mass die off of fish in a lake in Guangxi, China

Mingyue Lake drifted into a piece of dead fish was originally invited to capture the net income caused by the park
Floating dead fish on the lake of the moon. Reporter Lv Haifeng photo
On November 22, a member of the public reported to the newspaper that there were many dead fish floating in the moon near the lake and the odor was distributed in the wind. Reporters visited learned that the Moon Lake Acacia Lake Park in the recent fishing of fish in the lake has been close net stage, the relevant clean-up work is being carried out simultaneously.
Ms. Yang lives in the moon near the lake. Two days ago, Ms. Yang found that there were some dead fish floating on the lake in the moon and more and more in number. “Especially in the area near the Hydrophilic Platform, the vast expanse of dead fish has a very rotten smell, and for these two days everyone dared not walk nearby.”
On the afternoon of November 22, the reporter came to the Moon Lake and saw far in the middle of the lake an area surrounded by fishing nets. The dead fish floated around the area. Visual inspection, these dead fish mainly tilapia, a small, about a thousand kilograms.
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Hundreds of dead fish wash up ‘due to pollution’ in a river in Etrelles, France

Fish Kill Alert
Daniel Gandon, president of the association of vitreous Gaul, warned Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 10: 00. Hundreds of fish have been found dead in the River of the Valiereto Etrelles.
“I am immediately visited the site. “All the fish died on almost 3 km of the plant of the Billerie to the bridge of Etrelles”, he explains.
The president of the fishing association went in recognition that same day with the gendarmerie of argentré. “We picked a hundred pounds of fish on only 300 meters,” he said. Pikes, perches, gudgeons, sculpins…
Water police and the French Agency for biodiversity are made on-site Monday, November 20, 2017. Water analyses would have been made. Nothing visible on the surface because, since then, the dead fish have fallen in the background.
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Thousands of fish and other sea life wash up in Toubacouta, Senegal, Africa

Fish Kill Alert
Thousands of aquatic organisms, which a lot of fish Senghor (Toubacouta) Valley, and a unit of aquaculture in floating cages of the project Go Wamer probably died from lack of oxygen, revealed Wednesday of technicians of the Ministry of fishing and the maritime economy.
The head of the production Division to the national agency of aquaculture (ANA), Amadou Tidiane Camara, and the Coordinator of the project “Go Wamer”, Mamadou Thiam engineer went on the ground to ascertain the extent of the problem. On the site, the two men found a desolate scene with several dead fish floating on the surface of the waters of the San Valley.
In the presence of people in the village of Santhie Bera grouped in economic interest group (EIG) for the operation of the unit of aquaculture in floating cages in the Valley, two technicians have made withdrawals in waters in view further laboratory analyses.
“Today, we came to a preliminary examination to see the cause of this mortality. One measured the oxygen levels, the physicochemical parameters of water waiting to make accurate and in-depth analyses at the level of Dakar to see the exact causes of this problem,”said the head of the ANA, Tidiane Ahmadou production division Camara.
He said that the results of the preliminary review points to the level of oxygen in the water. “So, we suspect a low oxygen levels that would be the cause of mortality of 8000 fish just at the level of the floating cages Go Wamer project but also the waters of the Valley”, he said
He explained that the lack of oxygen would be due to a renewal of the waters of the valley station. “Given this situation, we will take the time to diagnose all causes of mortality before you continue the project with a new stocking”, added Mr. Camara
“It’s very painful to see these losses in fish, because we have in front of people very engaged in the operation of this unit of fish in floating cages,” says the Coordinator of the project Go Wamer, Mamadou Thiam.
Since the start of the project in 2013, he said, he has never known this problem of mortality found in the waters of the San Valley this year.
Unity of aquaculture in floating cages of the Senghor Valley “is a successful experience”, he stressed, explaining that “this is why the model is replicated in other localities of the Fatick Department as to Simal”.
“It ends in December 2017 and the ANA, as a technical arm, will take over to assist the populations of Santhie Bera ‘, he added.
The project Go Wamer activates in governance, management of marine resources and the reduction of poverty in Cape Verde, Gambia, Mauritania, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.
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4 km NE of São Brás de Alportel, Portugal / pop: 11,200 / local time: 13:18:13.2 2017-12-03

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