Another 50 dead turtles wash up on the coast of El Salvador

Más tortugas marinas llegan muertas a Playa Dorada
More sea turtles arrive dead to Playa Dorada
More sea turtles arrived dead to Playa Dorada, in the municipality of Santa Isabel Ishuatán, Sonsonate, said fishermen to those responsible for the turtle nursery located in that place.
15 days ago have appeared more than 50 copies without life. Wálter Aparicio, one of the managers of the nursery, said the tortoises are eating a jellyfish called “ice”, and causing death. He said that was what explained the Ministry of environment and natural resources (MARN).
“15 days ago as more than 50 dead turtles are going.” Say the fishermen that come more dead turtles afloat… MARN said that the cause of death is a jellyfish called ‘ice’. They say that that you are finding in the intestine,”said Ponce.
Santos Emilio Flores, Member of the Association of Local development of Playa Dorada, said yesterday that they are concerned because they had not seen so many turtles without life. “We are concerned because more turtles have appeared and in the past that did not occur,” said flowers.
On Saturday appeared two dead turtles. The first, at 3:30 in the afternoon; and the second, at 8 in the evening, according to Flores.
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