Mass die off of fish in a lake in Guangxi, China

Mingyue Lake drifted into a piece of dead fish was originally invited to capture the net income caused by the park
Floating dead fish on the lake of the moon. Reporter Lv Haifeng photo
On November 22, a member of the public reported to the newspaper that there were many dead fish floating in the moon near the lake and the odor was distributed in the wind. Reporters visited learned that the Moon Lake Acacia Lake Park in the recent fishing of fish in the lake has been close net stage, the relevant clean-up work is being carried out simultaneously.
Ms. Yang lives in the moon near the lake. Two days ago, Ms. Yang found that there were some dead fish floating on the lake in the moon and more and more in number. “Especially in the area near the Hydrophilic Platform, the vast expanse of dead fish has a very rotten smell, and for these two days everyone dared not walk nearby.”
On the afternoon of November 22, the reporter came to the Moon Lake and saw far in the middle of the lake an area surrounded by fishing nets. The dead fish floated around the area. Visual inspection, these dead fish mainly tilapia, a small, about a thousand kilograms.
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