100 TONS of fish have died in Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert
Since 5 days ago to this day is already 100 tons fish dead tilapia in Floating Net Keramba (KJA) Lake Maninjau, Agam, West Sumatra. The demise of fish in Lake Maninjau result much pollution that occurs at the bottom of the Lake.
“The whole keramba fish in this Lake the fish are dead, there are 18 thousand keramba, but we’ve been asked to fish communities and entrepreneurs to stop temporarily, until it is really water on Lake Maninjau is clean,” said the Fisheries Agency and food security (DPKP) Kabupaten Agam, Hemanto to the Okezone,
The cause of death of these fish because the content is already polluted Lake Maninjau ranging from household waste, agriculture, fish feed, fish die before it is left to the base of the Lake settles.
“Employers are letting fish dead fish in the Lake so that settles in the bottom of the Lake, the fish is currently the basis of Lake was like chalk white, if it happens the basic weather changes Lake it back up and it makes the dead fish,” he said.
Hermanto said the actual owner of the floating net keramba this is not a society but the brokers BLI feed fish who opened the business, while the local community just as workers only.
“This problem should be responsible are the entrepreneurs of fish but it does happen, we’ve many times do soasialisasi but it will continue to be carried out continues to incrementally,” he explained.
Currently efforts are being made for a new monitor while doing coordination with related parties, whether or not the cleaned fish live coordination. According to Mathew to really clean the base of the Lake it has to stop while the fish in the Lake is Manager.
“If are normally for 20 years that new clean but if you want to quickly suck the beauty must be completely dry so that the contents of the Lake could be cleared over the next one to two years,” he said.
While if 100 tons of dead fish were multiplied by the price per 1 kilogram of fish tilapia means total losses experienced by entrepreneurs KJA it reached Rp2,8 billion.
Courtesy of news.okezone.com

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