Hundreds of TONS of fish have died in 2 lakes in West Java, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert
Bad weather happening lately is causing hundreds of tons fish dead at Jatiluhur Reservoir and reservoir on Cirata. This condition resulted in freshwater fish farmers in the two large reservoirs there are such losers in West Java up to hundreds of millions of dollars.
Bad weather phenomenon that caused mass fish death is often called ‘ umbalan ‘. Umbalan is the phenomenon of rising currents of air that carries the silting of reservoirs from the base to the surface. Umbalan occur due to overcast weather a sustained following high intensity rain, as was the case since the last month.
“The rising of the mud from the bottom of reservoirs due often overcast aka no Ray mata hari. Mud from the bottom rises to the surface be toxic because it was mixed in other substances and cause our budidayakan fish are dead, “said Adi Kurniawan one farmer KJA Purwakarta Regency Jatiluhur Reservoirs.
ADI admitted due to the flow of the umbalan this terantisifasi not himself incur losses up to tens of millions of dollars.
“The dead Fish were already uncountable number. In Jatiluhur only farmers accounted for thousands of CAGES. Silahnya only count, if every farmer has at least one ton of fish. Selurunya and die, “he said.
Selian in Jatiluhur, similar conditions also felt the peasant fish in Reservoirs on Cirata. One farmer from reservoirs on Cirata h. Itok acknowledged phenomena of mass dead fish, due to the current umbalan has happened since the last month in Reservoirs on Cirata.
The current conditions are getting worse, the number of fish that die has reached hundreds of tons. In fact, it could be thousands of tons. “My loss alone is over $ million Kang. Haduuuh, “says H Itok.
Meanwhile, the fish in the budidayakan through a system of reservoirs in two CAGES that dominated this type of carp and Tilapia. “Most of the fish were dead due to the current umbalan is the carp. Tilapia can survive, and could we sell before fate with goldfish, “pungkas him.
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