Thousands of dead starfish wash up on the coast of Sakhalin, Russia

28.11.17 Dead Starfish In Russia
Thousands of sea stars washed up on a beach in Russia on Thursday after a severe storm hit the coastal area. According to experts, it is a phenomenon that occurs more often, but local residents are alarmed.
After this week more than 130 seals washed ashore on the banks of the Russian Lake Baikal , residents of the village of Starodubskoe Thursday also a sinister discovery. Thousands of dead starfishes lay on the beach of Sakhalin, an island in the Russian Far East, which lies between the Sea of ​​Ochotsk and the Japanese sea.
Scientists assure that the massive death of sea creatures is not uncommon, especially after the passing of a severe storm, but local residents are convinced that environmental pollution is the real culprit.
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