Hundreds of pigeons fall dead near Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Ref . Photo: help. Visitors thinking that birds were affected by the heat carried containers with water
Hundreds of pigeons that are usually in the main square, September 24, began dying last noon yesterday. The municipal authorities do not rule out that the cause of the death is poisoning. The results of studies are expected to know with certainty why, as another reason to be handled, although with less possibility, is that it might be by the heat wave occurring in the city. In 2016, it passed a similar fact in the main square of Cochabamba.
There is no exact number of mortality and there are 10 in surveillance. The municipal Secretary of environment, Michelle Lawrence, said that they collected 10 even with life, so that they are under surveillance at the municipal Zoo. The number of deceased individuals is not known with accuracy. Staff of the company’s urban Santa Cruz (Emacruz) toilet filled four bags with dead birds while some of the visitors to the plaza commented that they exceeded the 200. Lawrence said that 60 were reported. To know the cause of death, Lawrence explained that studies are carried out: one of the food scattered on the floor and the water consumed in the place and another blood pigeons that are still alive. A couple of results will be taken on Monday, while microbiological studies will come out on Wednesday. The doves, are an attraction, especially for children, in the main square. Lawrence explained that they are considered exotic, because they are alien to the ecosystem of the municipality.
Warn process. Lawrence said that confirmed poisoning will pass the report to justice and a process opens. Municipal Secretary of communication, Jorge Landívar, said that yesterday was already sent cleaning and disinfection as precautionary measure main square.
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