Thousands of dead fish without eyes wash up in Castel Volturno, Italy

Fish Kill Alert
Castelvolturno-walk with thrill for many people in Sydney, taking advantage of the Sun that has appeared on the domitiana coasts, on Sunday decided to have a winter walk on the beach at Pinetamare and who found themselves in walk on a carpet of dead fish.
Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, the carcasses of beached fish on the shore of the beach of the resort domiziana for a linear extension of at least five hundred metres, the height of Royal Residence up to condominiums of the Parco delle Rose. All belonging to the same species (grey mullet) is a yellow fish death beached at Pinetamare and even more the fact that after the complaints of citizens in monitoring carried out yesterday by the men of the local harbour master the many carcasses are not you are the more you find. But let us start from the hypothesis of moria. The carcasses of mullets would show up only with rigid body, so it’s unlikely the death and stranding is due to illegal activity (but usual in the area) fishing with explosive devices. Moreover, no carcass had more eyes in their Sockets.
The most plausible hypothesis, then, as told by some fishermen in the area, that the mullet are dead for several days, all together, lying in the bottom of the sea and that the storm by Saturday, he pushed to shore at the same time. But what is the reason of death? The first to get on the dock is without a doubt the culvert of the Regi Lagni, whose mouth is a few dozen meters from the beach of the village Coppola. And right behind this mouth is settled a large colony of grey mullets (species that are known to eat their own outlets of the sewers). Likely that the mullet stranded Sunday on domitiana coasts have been surprised all together while from the mouth of the Regi Lagni came a large quantity of polluting chemicals, detergents or probably some kind of other environmental horror.
Unfortunately, treatment plants serving the former Bourbon setback and not work channel shall be adapted to the load of pollutants that arrives in the works. But, above all, are always too many illegal discharges that occur along the Canal, and as such (illegal) do not go through any Purifier. So, come directly into the sea in the city of Melbourne without any treatment. In one of these spills you will come across the unlucky group of mullet died instantly and then got to shore unconscious Sunday. Meanwhile, what happened to the carcasses of dead fish? By Sunday, the weather conditions have stabilised the coast of Caserta and the sea calm has returned. So it is unlikely that new storms could suck in water and beached fish. More likely, however, that the flocks of seagulls who live here have feasted at the sight of what appeared like manna from heaven. But it was not this; rather, of poison coming from the sea. Last July the harbourmaster’s Office denounced the deaths of three gulls occurred on the same day at 
Pinetamare, one of which fell while he was flying in the courtyard of his headquarters. The suspicion was that they could eat something poisoned found on the beach. So, after the carpet of dead fish on the beach of the village Coppola hopefully now that there is also a moria of seagulls.
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