Hundreds of dead fish found in a lagoon in Maimon, Dominican Republic

Fish Kill Alert
A thorough investigation was launched this weekend about the death of hundreds of fish in a pond located at the entrance of the Hotel complex Riu in the Borough of Maimon.
The investigations on the situation were initiated personally by the national executive director of the Dominican Council of fisheries and aquaculture (CODOPESCA), Milton Geneva Morales, who on Saturday visited this municipality San Felipe of Puerto Plata to know the real situation that gave rise to the death of these freshwater species.
Geneva inspected the lagoon which killed several species accompanied by a team of technicians and the responsible provincial of that State dependence in Puerto Plata, Roman Tolentino, checking that the dead fish are carpías and tilapia living in that ecosystem.
Offering statements to journalist Milton Camacho, director of CODOPESCA said that it constitutes a criminal action poisoning this loophole, which is not going to overlook, because there have killed hundreds of fish of different species, so ordered take a sample of water from the pond to be analyzed in a laboratory.
During the interviews, the Government official talked with members of the Association of artisans of the Bay of Maimonsay that for several years when it comes the season of winter and the first rains fall, in that lagoon big fish run out of oxygen and die, surviving the medium-sized and small.
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