Hundreds of dead fish ‘mysteriously’ wash up in the waters of Adelaide, Australia

Fish Kill Alert
The water in an Adelaide suburb is off limits as authorities investigate why hundreds of fish have turned up dead.
Residents were shocked to see hundreds of fish, including mullet, trevally, bream, snapper and even crabs, washing up in front of their homes in West Lakes.
One female resident said she spotted “about 50” on a concrete pillar.
Another said the find is “disgusting”.
“We have a lot of people that come down here to do local fishing and they might be poisoning their children if they take the fish home,” she said.
The Charles Sturt Council’s rapid response team was on the scene to take away the dead fish.
The Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia and biosecurity inspectors are testing water samples, but they believe a natural phenomenon is to blame.
PIRSA’s Dr Shane Roberts said “it’s likely algal blooms” and a lack of water flow coupled with warm conditions has dropped the oxygen in the water. He’s advised people not to swim in the area.
“If you’ve seen a fish kill the smart thing to do is don’t go in the water, could be a very slight chance there’s an algae bloom that might cause a rash,” Dr Roberts said.
It’s likely West Lakes will have to be flushed with sea water.
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