Hundreds of thousands of fish die ‘due to cold’ in Jeolla Province, South Korea

Fish Kill Alert
If a wave is raging and hyped by the Hunan window in glory at sea fish followed suit.
It also resulted in a 28 days during the five days, Jeonbuk, Korea as chonbuk Heung-myeon Gochang form our sea cause hundreds of thousands of dogs the foster mullet in the chapter under investigation said.
This great form, Mr. so-and-so “form to I’m half dead fish in the chapter seems to be 800,000. Since the dawn of the ice thaws a bit to get rid of the body all day, “he said.
Jeonbuk turning wave all the way down its water temperature below zero because as a group we saw damage to the scale and we are investigating the cause, and so on.
Chunnam also recently, South Jeolla province, three counties, and hyped by sea 8 where the fish were aggregated to 200,000 horses we have available.
In the past 26, yeonggwang County form our sea mullet 80000 Marie 80 million yuan in the chapter property damage. Also 24, Goheung County is also a good town fired line mariculture chapter won the horses get 160 million valued at our dome 30000 damage had occurred. For the past 15-19 ahead of Yeosu-SI-Hwa edging on the farm front year 6 in the stone dome 92000 valued at 129 million loss the horses dying is expected to won. Whether they are the cause of the low water temperature, even our Yeosu.
Yeosu has just in the last 12 days earlier in the day but up to me how can I come to that. You can see the attention that came to less than 4 degrees water temperature will go down the video, when the water temperature than the previous day when it falls more than three degrees, in contrast to usual 2 over differences to me when it is issued.
Chunnam also measures for preventing the damage of the form when amid prolonged cold spell. When the water temperature is expected to drop further to a review of the fish stocked.
In the last year-in February, Chonnam Dozer came to be: 18 out of form on the chapter, such as sea bream fish 105,000 emotional dome and Marie (damage 1.1 billion won) our company.
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