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Thousands of dead fish found floating in Piauí stream in Piaui, Brazil

Fish Kill Alert
Thousands of fish were found dead in the Curimatá Creek, which is one of the tributaries that flows into the Algodões II Dam, located between the municipalities of Júlio Borges and Curimatá, in the southern region of Piauí.
The environmental activist, the pedagogue Ronaldo Luz, defines the situation as an “environmental disaster” and explained that the death occurred during the piracema, which is the period of reproduction of the fish. 
“There was a lot of rain in the region, there was water in the creek, but it was very fast evasion; the fish rose because of the period of the piracema, to the spawning, and could not return to the dam. Every year we have this period, but the competent authorities do not take initiative to avoid this situation, “said the activist.
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25 pilot whales wash up dead on Maio Island in Cape Verde

25 pilot whales wash up dead on Maio Island in Cape Verde

6 turtles found dead on the coast of Aracaju, Brazil

Tartaruga que foi encontrada morta na Praia da Caueira no sábado de carnaval (Foto: Vera Nilza)
Turtle was found dead on the beach of Caueira on Saturday of Carnival (photo: Vera Rishu)
During this Wednesday (14), six turtles were found dead along the coast of Aracaju (SE). Monitoring was conducted from the Middle Crown until the beach of Viral. According to Ricardo Araújo, Coordinator of the Center for institutional development of Foundation aquatic mammals, the cause of death of animals has not been identified. Samples were collected for study in the laboratory and animals buried.
Ricardo warns that when you find a dead turtle, the population must not touch the animal or approach, since the cause of death has not been identified.
Beaches monitoring activities, developed by Covenant SEA, a partnership between Fundação aquatic mammals and the Institute of technology and research (ITP), are part of the Regional monitoring Subprogramme Strandings and abnormalities in the area of Scope of the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin (PRMEA), a measure of environmental impact assessment required by federal environmental licensing, conducted by IBAMA and the responsibility of Petrobras.
According to Ricardo, is not common to find six turtles killed in a single day, but this is not the first time. He points out that most of the dead animals is the species, typical of the coast of Sergipe. And, the cause of death usually happens because of garbage in the sea and fishing.
On the morning of Saturday (10), a turtle was found dead on the beach of Caueira, Itaporanga D’ajuda, Sergipe’s South coast.
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Dead Pelicans, Turtles and ‘countless fish’ wash up in a lagoon near Sydney, Australia

The mysterious deaths of pelicans, turtles and countless fish have alarmed residents north of Sydney who are now demanding action.
The dead and dying creatures have been found around Bushells Lagoon, near Wilberforce northwest of Sydney. The rotting carcasses are also creating an awful odour.
Concerned resident John Varley said one of the biggest wetlands on the Hawkesbury River is now in a “distressing state”.
Most put it down to a combination of unusually high water temperatures, and pollution.
Xuela Sledge of Greater Sydney Landcare said the water quality has been decreasing continually over the past four or five months.
“The smaller amount of dilution of any chemicals in the water is certainly going to have an impact on the wildlife in the lagoon,” Ms Sledge said.
The devastation of aquatic life includes pelicans, native eels, water hens and turtles has worsened in the last week.
Whatever the cause is, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Hawkesbury council have yet to take responsibility. Locals say both organisations need to come to a mutual understanding before more aquatic life is wiped out.
Locals say they can’t win though. Even once the water returns so will the carp – an unwanted pest in the region.
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More than 3,000 dead fish found at Ashington lake in Northumberland, UK

Fish Kill Alert
An investigation has been launched after thousands of fish were found dead in a Northumberland lake.
On Monday, it was reported by a member of the public that more than 3,000 fish, mainly roach, were dead at Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Country Park lake at Ashington.
The Environment Agency has carried out analysis of the fish and evidence suggests they may have been dead for up to two weeks.
They have also taken water samples from the lake which have been sent for analysis, with the results expected next week. At this stage the cause of the problem is unknown.
The lake is owned by Northumberland County Council and they have been informed of the incident.
Graham Siddle, land and water team leader at the Environment Agency in the North East, said: “We’re carrying out an investigation to find out why this has happened. It would appear the fish have been dead for some time. We received the report on Monday, possibly because this is when they first appeared on the surface of the lake.
“The park is very popular with local people and we’d like to hear from anyone who saw distressed or dead fish in the lake prior to last weekend.
“It’s also important that people report incidents like this to us as soon as possible so we can investigate. Anyone who sees dead or distressed fish in our rivers and lakes should contact our incident hotline on 0800 807060.”
A spokesman for the council added: “The county council is concerned over the incident, at what is a popular beauty spot and wildlife haven, and is working with the Environment Agency to try and identify the cause.”
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21 dolphins dead after 54 strand in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Out of 54 stranded dolphins, 33 were saved, but 21 sadly died.
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Hundreds of dead fish wash up in river Deva in Guipúzcoa, Spain

Fish Kill Alert
The 4,000 residents of Soraluze, in Guipúzcoa, took a surprise on Monday by warning that the river Deva brought with him hundreds of dead fish. “At first they sent me photos that were a few on the shore, but as the hours passed, every time there were more and more,” explains this journal Ubane wood, a small local newspaper journalist. “People were very worried and some even arose in the drafting.”
Alarm came to the point that last a few hours, residents called 112 to warn of what was happening, and it is that dead fish were already had hundreds on the Bank of the river. Faced with this situation, technicians of the provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Basque Agency of water moved to the place and investigated what happened, which collected water samples and various fishes.
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70 cattle dead due to disease in Ciudad Fernandez, Mexico

Livestock Alert
The drought is doing this every year, although so far lost 70 heads of cattle through diseases caused by the cold said the president of the local livestock union, Marcelo Hemandez Gutierrez.
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Dozens of cattle dying due to disease in Oaxaca, Mexico

Livestock Alert
The sudden death of several cattle in the municipality of Asunción Ixtaltepec, set alarms among cattle producers.
They called the sector, federal and State authorities so that they address the problem that threatens to wipe out the herd in the region of the isthmus.
The condition in the livestock are now known to be evil’s palette and fatal. It was detected just a week and so far, they have registered about 20 head of cattle that have died from the disease, according to the farmer Jorge Toledo.
They ensure that livestock lost mobility in the rear legs, which makes it impossible it to walk; causes it fever and significant pain; and three days after you die.
On Monday arrived in this municipality staff of the Secretariat of agriculture, livestock, Rural Development, fishing and food (Sagarpa) and the Secretariat for development agriculture fisheries and aquaculture (Sedapa) to coordinate the actions that will be for to combat the outbreak of this disease.
Coordinator in the area, Víctor Manuel Ángeles Hernández, Sagarpa recommended that farmers in the region vaccinating cattle and sheep against the evil’s palette, a disease that fatally attacking cattle and sheep, once the disease is contracted during the you Winter mporada.
He asked farmers act immediately applying the vaccine to protect cattle and also prevent the spread of the I derriengue or anger paralytic that affects the States of Veracruz, Tabasco and Chiapas.
And while this disease is not transmitted to humans, he recommended people not to eat meat or other derivatives of the cattle sick.
Producers of Asunción Ixtaltepec, asked officials to search mechanisms so that they have facilities and they can acquire the vaccine against the evil of palette, since the figure surpasses the thousand heads of cattle.
They say that only in this way can vaccinate their cattle and immunize them against the threat posed by this deadly disease to the Oaxacan cattle.
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11 dolphins found dead along the coast of Mazatlan, Mexico

11 dolphins found dead along the coast of Mazatlan, Mexico