Dozens of cattle dying due to disease in Oaxaca, Mexico

Livestock Alert
The sudden death of several cattle in the municipality of Asunción Ixtaltepec, set alarms among cattle producers.
They called the sector, federal and State authorities so that they address the problem that threatens to wipe out the herd in the region of the isthmus.
The condition in the livestock are now known to be evil’s palette and fatal. It was detected just a week and so far, they have registered about 20 head of cattle that have died from the disease, according to the farmer Jorge Toledo.
They ensure that livestock lost mobility in the rear legs, which makes it impossible it to walk; causes it fever and significant pain; and three days after you die.
On Monday arrived in this municipality staff of the Secretariat of agriculture, livestock, Rural Development, fishing and food (Sagarpa) and the Secretariat for development agriculture fisheries and aquaculture (Sedapa) to coordinate the actions that will be for to combat the outbreak of this disease.
Coordinator in the area, Víctor Manuel Ángeles Hernández, Sagarpa recommended that farmers in the region vaccinating cattle and sheep against the evil’s palette, a disease that fatally attacking cattle and sheep, once the disease is contracted during the you Winter mporada.
He asked farmers act immediately applying the vaccine to protect cattle and also prevent the spread of the I derriengue or anger paralytic that affects the States of Veracruz, Tabasco and Chiapas.
And while this disease is not transmitted to humans, he recommended people not to eat meat or other derivatives of the cattle sick.
Producers of Asunción Ixtaltepec, asked officials to search mechanisms so that they have facilities and they can acquire the vaccine against the evil of palette, since the figure surpasses the thousand heads of cattle.
They say that only in this way can vaccinate their cattle and immunize them against the threat posed by this deadly disease to the Oaxacan cattle.
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