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Record Snowfall In Aldan and Yakutsk – Russia

Snow Alert
Southern cyclone and its atmospheric fronts brought heavy snowfalls to Yakutia. Strong snowfalls occurred on the night of April 3 in the south of the Republic of Sakha, the amount of precipitations reached 18 mm, the height of snowdrifts after such heavy snowfall increases by 17-19 cm. In Aldan and Yakutsk the amount of snow fell was a record 9.9 mm and 7 mm respectively. In Aldan there were already heavy snowfalls, on April 2, 2016, the amount of precipitation was 9 mm. And in Yakutsk there was no heavy snowfall since the distant 1897, but even then the amount of precipitation did not exceed 5 mm (4.9 mm).
On April 4, the cyclonic vortex will move to the east. A small, sometimes moderate snow will pass in the east and southeast of Yakutia, the wind in the gusts will intensify to 11-16 m / s, a snowstorm will be played, in the afternoon thermometers will show -3 ..- 8 degrees, in the north -11 ..- 16, on west -3 .. + 2, on the Kolyma +3 .. + 8 degrees.
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Saudi region gets covered in snow

The Asir region of Saudi Arabia was covered with snow as the weather witnessed a change in temperature, Saudi news Agency SPA reported on Tuesday.
For six hours, the region experienced rain and snow, which covered the mountains and roads in white including the Al Hussein and Al Omar valleys.
Additionally, the main city of Abha witnessed medium to modest rainfall. The governorates of Khamis Mushayt, Sarat Ubaida, Tarib, Nimas, Tanumah, Bisha, Sawdah, Khaybar Al-Janoub, Al-Jawa, Al-Urqeen, Shaaf, Qadra Ida’da, Al Yazeed and Al Sarhan also faced the same.
The administration of Asir called all persons to follow civil defense’s directions to avoid routes that were flooded by the rains.
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Record cold March in parts of Sweden

Record Cold Alert
On March 1st, a weather station in the village measured temperatures of -37.1C, the coldest ever recorded there. 
For Sweden as a whole, March was colder than average, but not exceptional, with colder months recorded in both 2006 and 2013, according to preliminary figures from state weather forecaster SMHI. 
“It’s 1C to 4C below the average temperature for March,” Marcus Sjöstedt, a meteorologist for SMHI told The Local. 
It wasn’t just Särna that saw extreme cold. Tärnaby, near the Lapland ski resort of Hemavan, also recorded one of its coldest March months ever. 
“Excluding what’s still to come, March this year is likely to  be the fifth coldest ever observed after 1962, 1940, 1958 and 1947,” the forecaster said of the station. 
But spring may finally be on its way, albeit too late for Easter. 
“The trend is for it to become milder by the middle or end of next week,” Olav Krogsäter at StormGeo in Oslo told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper. “Spring will probably come at last.” 
The deepest snow level was the 166cm recorded at Kittelfjäll in the mountains of southern Lapland, although further snowfall over the Easter weekend in Jämtland could see it knocked off its pedestal. 
Outside Sweden’s mountain region, the deepest snow was seen in Gåltjärn i Ångermanland, with 159cm recorded. 
The rare combination of unusual warmth over the Arctic and unusual cold in northern Europe led to a strange situation where Karesuando at the very northern tip of Arctic Sweden was at one point the only place in the entire country where the temperature was above freezing, with the needle hovering at 0.2C. 
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Surprised Cold Period Could Last Throughout April In Parts Of Canada

Cold Weather Alert
Environment Canada’s senior climatologist says he’s surprised how long winter is lasting on the Prairies and warns the cold temperatures could persist through the end of April.
David Phillips blames a polar vortex for the current spring cold snap.
Temperatures in the region are still in the negative double digits today, with lows reaching -27 C with the wind chill in parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
In southern Alberta, a snowfall warning is calling for up to 20 centimetres of the white stuff.
Phillips says it’s difficult to see such conditions last longer than a day or two at this time of year.
The Weather Network’s forecast centre manager says the conditions will delay the spring runoff.
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Subject to change
Depth: 0 km

Distances: 395 km N of Dallas, United States / pop: 1,198,000 / local time: 07:16:01.8 2018-04-07

91 km N of Oklahoma City, United States / pop: 580,000 / local time: 07:16:01.8 2018-04-07
24 km W of Perry, United States / pop: 5,200 / local time: 07:16:01.8 2018-04-07
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Subject to change
Depth: 11 km

Distances: 734 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,020,000 / local time: 03:40:44.0 2018-04-07

216 km S of Helena, United States / pop: 28,200 / local time: 03:40:44.0 2018-04-07
99 km NE of Saint Anthony, United States / pop: 3,600 / local time: 03:40:44.0 2018-04-07
11 km N of West Yellowstone, United States / pop: 1,300 / local time: 03:40:44.0 2018-04-07
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Subject to change
Depth: 10 km

Distances: 645 km NW of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea / pop: 284,000 / local time: 15:48:42.3 2018-04-07

125 km W of Mendi, Papua New Guinea / pop: 26,300 / local time: 15:48:42.3 2018-04-07
82 km SW of Porgera, Papua New Guinea / pop: 1,600 / local time: 15:48:42.3 2018-04-07
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Subject to change
Depth: 48 km

Distances: 685 km NE of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea / pop: 284,000 / local time: 15:15:21.1 2018-04-07

135 km S of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea / pop: 26,300 / local time: 15:15:21.1 2018-04-07
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