60 geese, ducks and chickens found dead with hearts removed ‘a mystery’ in Curitiba, Brazil

(Foto: Colaboração) - Mistério: 60 aves são mortas e têm coração arrancado
A mysterious situation left residents of the Bairro Alto, in Curitiba, pretty scared. 60 birds were found dead in a chicken coop.
Only two chickens were alive. The other birds between geese, ducks and chickens-had your heart ripped out. The owner of the chicken coop found all the dead animals, with precise cuts on the chest, back and neck. In addition, no blood has been identified in signs of forced entry at the location.
“I have no idea what could have happened. I’ve never seen such a thing. If they were two, three chickens, could tell that was a dog, but were a lot of birds, “said the owner of the chicken coop, Sidnei dos Santos.
Another aspect of the mysterious death is the fact that neither Saleh nor the neighbors heard any noise that would indicate the presence of any person in the place. “They always made noise when there were people around”
Courtesy of massanews.com 

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