Thousands of dead fish washing up again due to red tide in Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA

Fish Kill Alert
Officials are closely monitoring the Indian River Lagoon after the area experienced warmer-than-average weather during the past several weeks.
Right now, much of the 70-mile-long waterway in Brevard County is dark and cloudy. Officials said it’s the result of algae blooms, soaking up oxygen in the water.
Algae blooms could possibly lead to another massive fish kill.
It’s a mix of many sunny days, and a few cloudy ones, causing the blooms to deplete the oxygen levels.
“The algae didn’t get enough light to photosynthesize during the day, and then when they respired at night, they used the available oxygen up,” Brevard Natural Resources Director Virginia Barker said. “If we see cloudy days, we expect we could see a similar event.”
Rick Sturtevent is a mainstay on the Indian River Lagoon. If anyone knows what the water is like daily, it’s him.
“I’m out there every single day,” said Sturtevent, who fishes the river daily. “It’s murky. You can’t see 6 inches down. I’m hoping they can fix it.”
Barker said this current bloom pattern mirrors what happened in 2016, when a massive fish kill began. It’s not the blooms that kill fish — it’s the lack of oxygen.
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