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100+ geese fall dead from sky after storm in Idaho, USA

Over 100 geese in Idaho were found dead Saturday night, and officials say the deaths are related to a severe thunderstorm that passed through the area.
The geese are believed to have fallen from the sky in unison in a “several hundred yard radius,” according to an officer with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.
“Several of the geese had their stomachs blown open and all of them were dead — none were injured,” said officer Jacob Berl.
Berl described the incident as a “freak accident.”
He told the Idaho State Journal that the ruptured stomachs and internal organs of the geese may have come from either the lightning or the impact of the crash.
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200+ dead dolphins have been found during past 4 months in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

More than 200 copies have been killed since the end of 2017
Sepetiba Bay in Brazil is known for hosting one of the busiest ports in the South American country , but it is precisely this busy estuary that would be in the sights of experts for its supposed negative impact on the environment of the area.
Since the end of 2017, scientists have discovered more than 200 Guiana dolphins killed in the bay , according to a new report by the American newspaper The New York Times . The deaths were caused by a measles-related virus, but experts trust that the tragedy would be only the first sign of a much more worrisome problem.
One of the most striking aspects of what has been happening in recent months is that, under normal conditions, such a virus would only cause the death of a handful of dolphins. In addition, such an episode has never before occurred in the South Atlantic , so researchers are working at the wrong time to decipher the motives that led to the mass death of predatory mammals.
Dolphins visibly swollen, marked by scars, completely deformed and with their corpses consumed, are appearing everywhere and have generated the alert of the authorities. The culprit of such mass deaths has been identified as morbillivirus , a bacillus that causes rashes, disorientation, fever, respiratory infections and in some cases, an agonizing death.
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Thousands of dead fish washing up in Irondequoit Bay and Erie Canal, New York, USA

Fish Kill Alert
Thousands of fish, dead from a viral infection and cold-water stress, are littering the open waters and shore of Irondequoit Bay and part of the Erie Canal.
Spring die-offs of fish are not uncommon, and the pathogen that causes viral hemorrhagic septicemia has been seen here before — but this year’s outbreak appears to be especially bad.
“Hundreds of them are floating up. You would think they would sink to the bottom but they seem to keep going back and forth with the breeze,” said George Wolf, who lives on the Webster side of the bay south of the Route 104 bridge.
“Once the weather breaks it’s going to be terrible down here. You won’t be able to go outside,” he said.
Residents apparently are on their own to dispose of dead fish that wash ashore.
Many of the fish are gizzard shad, a type of herring that can grow to a foot or more in length. Wolf estimated that many thousands of them have died on the bay, where their carcasses have attracted hordes of gulls and other birds.
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21 dead turtles found on the coast of West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Dozens of turtles on the beach Belacan, Paloh, district of Sambas, West Kalimantan, was found dead along the March to April 2018. Recorded 21 green turtles and scales of a dead suspected poisoning tar asphalt.
“Turtles-turtles are dying because the asphalt tar poisoning was discovered landing turtles along the coast outside the TWA (Natural Park) Tanjung star fruit,” said the head of the West Kalimantan BKSDA, Sadtata Noor Adirahmanta, in Pontianak, Mon (9/4/2018), reported by the Between.
While on patrol, the team found a few blobs of tar and asphalt waste quite a lot at the edge of the beach. The team then did a necropsy–visum in animals–on five samples of turtle, consisting of four green turtles and hawksbills one.
“There are four turtles are positive there is a sludge tar asphalt on turtle organs, so that a strong indication death of turtles caused by asphalt tar swallow it,” he said.
The condition of the turtles have been rotting time dinekropsi, so the team only see directly. This is because changes in anatomical pathology or histopatologinya already could not be observed.
BKSDA West Kalimantan will follow up on the results of the necropsy it with several steps, among others, collect data and information related the origin of tar and asphalt waste pollutes coastal waters around Paloh. The team also will roll out a beach clean-up action together with the other parties.
If deemed necessary, will be examined further related Iebih the quality of sea water and chemical test samples of suspected black liquid asphalt. In that occasion, the head of the West Kalimantan BKSDA also delivered a message to the people of West Kalimantan for more care about the preservation of the turtles as well as other wildlife-wildlife.
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38 pilot whales dead after washing up on a beach in Westland, New Zealand

Thirty-eight pilot whales stranded just south of Haast on Wednesday night.
All 38 pilot whales stranded on a remote West Coast river mouth have now died. 
It was initially believed 32 whales had washed up near Haast, in South Westland, but an aerial survey of the area revealed a further six whales on the beach.
Department of Conservation (DOC) spokeswoman Jose Watson said 38 whales had stranded in total – 33 on the south side of the Okuru River and five to the north.
Twelve were still alive on Thursday morning, but dangerous sea conditions meant an attempt to refloat them could not be made safely.
DOC operations manager Wayne Costello said the decision to euthanise all of the remaining whales was made in consultation with local iwi Makaawhio, whale rescue charity Project Jonah, and other whale stranding experts.
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Thousands of dead river snakes and fish found in a river in Meghalaya, India

Dead Fish, Snakes Found Floating in Meghalaya River, Probe Ordered
Thousands river snakes and fish, all dead, were found floating in the Ranikor river in Meghalaya’s South West Khasi Hills district, officials said. The state government, as a result, has launched an official probe into the incident, the officials said.
District Deputy Commissioner Isawanda Laloo told PTI that the superintendent of fisheries and the Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board are conducting separate investigations and reports will be submitted soon.
Food safety officers were also deployed at villages close to the river to make sure that the villagers do not consume the dead fish, she said. The Khasi Students Union, has alleged that the exploratory drilling for uranium in the hinterlands, on the upstream of the river, is the reason behind the incident, an official said.
The death of fish and snakes, in large numbers, have created a panic among residents also, the official added. Dead fish and snakes floating in the Ranikor river have been happening since 2012 and multiple probes carried out by the government always ruled out that the fish and snakes were killed due to exploratory drilling for uranium, the official said.
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Hundreds of dead eels found in a stream, ‘a shock’ in North Christchurch, New Zealand

Hundreds of fish found dead in a north Christchurch stream were of a rare species that is declining in number and regarded as being at risk.
About 800 fish and eels were discovered in a 4-kilometre section of Kaputone Creek in Belfast on Wednesday.
Environment Canterbury (ECan) investigators are analysing water samples and testing the fish for the cause of the deaths.
They believe the fish were killed by a contaminant, possibly something that entered the stream through the stormwater network or from someone dumping something in the creek.
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Many ducks killed due to bird flu in Yambol, Bulgaria

Bird Flu
Bulgaria’s authorities reported an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu virus on a duck farm in the southeastern region of Yambol, the food safety agency said on Thursday.
Authorities will cull all birds at the duck farm in the village of Zimnitsa and have set up a three-km protection zone around it. A ban on the trade and movement of domestic, wild and other birds and trade on eggs has been imposed, the agency said.
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4 dead dolphins found on the coast of Yakakent, Turkey

Yakakent Sahili'nde dört ölü yunus balığı bulundu
5 days ago in the sea in the area to search for the missing teen’s coast guard command DEGAK-1 teams to conduct research in the region. DEGAK-1 teams in the research by Krishna and Adolfo washed up on the beach in 4 dolphin.
Coast Guard command DEGAK-1 teams Alaçam district of food, agriculture and animal husbandry Department as a result of contact with the dead dolphins has been removed from the region.
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5 TONS of dead fish wash up in Bio Bio, Chile

Fish Kill Alert
More than 5 tonnes of hake were found dead on the coast of Dichato, in the municipality of Tomé (Biobío region). These were found by artisanal fishermen while working in the search for seafood.
For this reason research was instructed by Sernapesca and the Navy to know what the origin. It is speculated that it could have been the product of a large industrial or craft vessel that would have captured all these hake in the wrong way.
In the last hours the Navy has had the difficult mission of crossing the entire coast of the northern province of Concepcion to warn if this resource, which was sighted 7 miles from the coast of Dichato, has reached the coast, generating some risk to the coastal fauna and the marine ecosystem .
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