200+ dead dolphins have been found during past 4 months in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

More than 200 copies have been killed since the end of 2017
Sepetiba Bay in Brazil is known for hosting one of the busiest ports in the South American country , but it is precisely this busy estuary that would be in the sights of experts for its supposed negative impact on the environment of the area.
Since the end of 2017, scientists have discovered more than 200 Guiana dolphins killed in the bay , according to a new report by the American newspaper The New York Times . The deaths were caused by a measles-related virus, but experts trust that the tragedy would be only the first sign of a much more worrisome problem.
One of the most striking aspects of what has been happening in recent months is that, under normal conditions, such a virus would only cause the death of a handful of dolphins. In addition, such an episode has never before occurred in the South Atlantic , so researchers are working at the wrong time to decipher the motives that led to the mass death of predatory mammals.
Dolphins visibly swollen, marked by scars, completely deformed and with their corpses consumed, are appearing everywhere and have generated the alert of the authorities. The culprit of such mass deaths has been identified as morbillivirus , a bacillus that causes rashes, disorientation, fever, respiratory infections and in some cases, an agonizing death.
Courtesy of infobae.com

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