95 dead sea birds found washed up on Black Isle beach in Scotland

Some of the dead birds that washed ashore near Chanonry Point.
In recent weeks, walkers treading the beach have been greeted by the grim sight of dozens of bird corpses, guillemots and razorbills among them.
It is thought they were overcome by the rough winter weather and starvation brought on by their inability to feed. A team of volunteers has now taken on the grizzly task of clearing the corpses from the beach after taking to the sands last Friday for a clean-up operation.
A spokesman for Fortrose and Rosemarkie Community Council said: “The number of dead birds littering our beautiful coastline is a cause for concern. There has sadly been a surge caused by severe weather.
“Sadly a large number of birds have been caught up in these storms, some injured – fatally – and then washed up on the shore.
“The community council contacted Highland Council to ask if the birds could be cleared but this wouldn’t fall under the remit of ‘rubbish’ clearance.
“Dead birds don’t fall under the remit of the RSPB either – they are a conservation charity. So, rather than wait, heroic community volunteers cleared 95 – yes, 95 – birds from the beach between the golf club and the lighthouse.
Courtesy of inverness-courier.co.uk 

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