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10 TONS of fish die in Toho Lake, Benin, Africa

Fish Kill Alert
34 years, Olivier Zaga farmer attended, Saturday, May 19, 10 tonnes of fish died that he was raising in 28 enclosure installed on the edge of Lake Toho, which extends over 21 km2 in southwestern Benin. “I’m devastated,” says this former electronics, bewildered air and hoarse voice. As for him, fishing is the main activity of the inhabitants of the Department of Mono.
On May 17, the population living on the banks of the Lake had alerted on the mysterious death of several species of fish, until the phenomenon spreads to the village of Kpinnou and decimating the breeding of tilapias of Olivier Zaga, one farmer victim of This massacre. ” Out of my pen, where 40 000 fish died, I cannot evaluate the loss in the Lake”, he said.
The drama of Lake Toho made fear, among the Beninese General, intoxication of the Xwla and peoples Xweda, which organized, from 18 to 20 may, their annual Festival of reunion in Grand-Popo, 60 km from the Lake, with a lot of “dakouin”, a specialty local fresh fish. But so far, no case of death or illness associated with poisoning were reported.
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3 dead whales found washed up on beaches in California, USA

A third dead whale since Friday has washed ashore in the Bay Area, the latest being a fin whale found in Bolinas, Marine Mammal Center officials said today. 
The carcass of the 58-foot female fin whale washed ashore between Brighton and Agate beaches in Bolinas and was reported to the center on Tuesday. 
The whale was stranded a half-mile from shore at the southern end of Duxberry Reef, and scientists from the Marine Mammal Center and California Academy of Sciences were on the scene Wednesday afternoon to make preliminary observations. 
Extra precautions are being taken in response to the latest stranding because of the Duxberry Reef State Marine Conservation Area’s status as a highly protected resource area under state and federal law, according to center officials. 
The Marine Mammal Center, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the California Academy of Sciences are developing a plan to perform a necropsy to determine the cause of death Friday. 
Dr. Shawn Johnson, director of veterinary science at the Marine Mammal Center, said the death of a second endangered fin whale in a week is incredibly unfortunate. 
A fin whale found offshore of Alameda County last Friday died due to a vessel collision, center officials said. A necropsy revealed fractures and dislocated vertebrae surrounded by massive hemorrhaging on both sides of the 45-foot juvenile female whale. 
A 36-foot adult female gray whale carcass that washed ashore at Tennessee Valley Beach in Marin County also last Friday died due to severe entanglement. 
The necropsy revealed linear lesions looped around the back of the neck and along both front flippers. The injuries are consistent with an entanglement. 
Scientists also found two lacerations on the whale’s right side with multiple skull fractures consistent with a shop’s propeller. Those injuries likely were suffered after the whale’s death, center officials said. 
Ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear are the leading causes of whale mortality. The number of ship strikes likely is underreported because the ship’s crew may be unaware a strike occurred, Marin Mammal Center officials said.
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1,500 TONS of fish die in La Nga River, Dong Nai, Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert
According to the Department of agriculture and rural development, water resources of the river La Ivory at the time the fish die-off of dissolved oxygen concentration (DO) at a low level, only 2.6-3.2 mg/l while this content must reach from 4 mg/l and above. Through tests, functional forces also discovered NH4 concentration (Ammonia), gas NO2 (Nitrite) … beyond the threshold allows the 10-20 times.
Before the phenomenon of dead fish, the Dinh Quan district happens rain and lasted for about 7 hours. According to the Department of agriculture and rural development, the amount of rain water then pour La NGA River and could carry the pollutants increases the toxicity of NH4, NO2, CH4 (Mexican melt) …. do the fish die-off.
Initially, the Bureau of Fisheries Department of agriculture and rural development of Dong Nai confirmed dead fish due to the unfavorable change of the environment.
About directions support the fishermen suffered damage, head of agriculture and rural development said the case of dead fish caused by natural disasters, the Department of Dong Nai province’s recommendations support the people money to reproduce. The case of dead fish caused by discharge of effluent of the plant, the Department will suggest the police on investigations, handled according to law.
Earlier, on the night of 20/5, fish farming in the La NGA River is slow, the surface foam bite then died massively. Due to the dead fish quickly should people not up back hand, heavy economic losses. To light 21/5, fish continue to die so people are forced to sell to traders with prices from 2,000-8,000/kg.
Initial statistics of the Department of agriculture and rural development, has about 1,500 tons of carp, fish, Yao Hong … of 80 households raising died, much damage.
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Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up on shores of a lake in Texas, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up on shores of a lake in Texas, America

Large die off of fish found in the Nechi River, Colombia

Fish Kill Alert
When inhabitants of Nechí and El Bagre made a tour, on May 14, along the Nechí River, as part of an environmental assessment conducted by the Popular Training Institute, IPC, they encountered a sad scene: a large number of fish Dead people floated in the water , with an unpleasant appearance and foul odors. The events were recorded at the height of the villages of Sabalito and El Guamo.
Juan Esteban Jaramillo, researcher of the IPC Observatory, indicated that according to the complaints of the inhabitants, this is due to the damage of a jarillón (a kind of wall of land parallel to the river) of a mining entity that carries out work there, which caused Polluting elements will disperse downstream of the river.
Said entity is Mineros SA, which, through a statement stated that “due to the intense rainy season in recent days, added to the contingency of the Hidroituango project that has increased up to six times the flow of the Cauca River, presented on Monday, May 14, the breaking of a jarillon that surrounds the mining operations of the company in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Nechí. This breakage caused the waters from the Cauca River, laden with mud and sediments, to join those of the Nechí River and exceed the protection strip of the Mineros’ closed pool by more than 1.5 meters, making the combination of These materials will reach San Pedro Creek. “
Regarding the dead fish, the company indicated that “they started with fish technicians to make a diagnosis in the area and establish a plan of action to deal with this situation. In the same way, staff from the Corporate Social Responsibility area provides permanent support to the affected communities to listen and meet their needs “
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Depth: 15 kmDistances: 3287 km SW of Guatemala City, Guatemala / pop: 995,000 / local time: 12:43:43.7 2018-06-24

3298 km SW of San Salvador, El Salvador / pop: 526,000 / local time: 12:43:43.7 2018-06-24
3313 km S of Mexico City, Mexico / pop: 12,295,000 / local time: 13:43:43.7 2018-06-24
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Depth: 100 km

Distances: 206 km SW of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400 / local time: 04:09:35.5 2018-06-25

199 km SW of Vaini, Tonga / pop: 3,000 / local time: 04:09:35.5 2018-06-25
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