Coldest September night in 47 years – The Netherlands

Cold Weather Alert
The monarch is back in the country and that shows! Last night the temperature at weather station Twenthe (near Enschede) dropped to -1.5 degrees. It was not that cold in September since 1971. That year, the weather stations Soesterberg and Winterswijk, which had since been closed, recorded minimum temperatures of -2.2 and -2.4 degrees on 16 September. Yesterday, too, regional frost in the Netherlands rose to nose height. Twenthe scored 0.8 degrees frost and the first local frost day of the autumn was a fact.
Also in other places in the east and south it came to frost. In Hupsel (Achterhoek) and Woensdrecht (Brabant) the temperature dropped to -0.8 degrees and in Eindhoven it was -0.9 degrees. At the Brabant weather stations Volkel and Gilze-Rijen it was -0.3 and -0.4 degrees respectively. In Ell (Midden-Limburg) the -0.5 and Herwijnen (River area) came to -0.3 degrees. In De Bilt it came to -0.1 degree narrowly to the first official frost of this autumn . Local frost was also measured on the Veluwe and Utrechtse Heuvelrug.
The coldest September night since the start of the measurements took place in 1965. On 20 September of that year, the minimum temperature at Twenthe airbase was -3.5 degrees. On 30 September 1928 it was freezing in Wijster (Drenthe) 2.6 degrees. Also on 28 September 1939 it was colder than today with -2.5 degrees in Winterswijk.
Less cold nights
After the rising of the sun, the night frost of today has quickly disappeared. This afternoon is fine autumn weather with a mix of sun and cumulus clouds. Some veil clouds also travel across the country. In the north and northwest there is a chance of a single storm. In the course of the afternoon, the chance of a storm rises in the rest of the northwest half. In the southeast half it remains dry until the evening. The maximums are 15-18 degrees.
Tonight and next night there is a variation of cloud fields and clearings. There are some showers over the land. Most showers fall in the coastal provinces. The minimum temperature is 3-7 degrees inland and 8-10 degrees in the coastal areas. This makes it a lot less refreshing than the previous nights. Even the nights after that the temperature remains well above the freezing point.
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