900 birds fall dead in Jodhpur, India

Hundreds of Ring Dove birds have died from an unknown disease in the last four days in Nosar village, about 100 km from Jodhpur city, officials said Wednesday.

On the basis of the post mortem examination, veterinarians initially termed the cause of death as food poisoning. However, to know the exact reason behind so many birds dying, authorities would be sending the samples to a Jaipur laboratory.

As per the officials, some locals found hundreds of dead birds in their fields. On receiving information about death of hundreds of birds, a team of animal husbandry department reached the village on Tuesday.

“The dead birds have been buried in the soil to prevent spread of any possible infection,” said Dr. Dashrath Singh, joint director, animal husbandry department.

Singh said nearly 900 birds have died. He said the birds were of the same species.

Nosar resident Jugal Kumar said that for the last four days he has visited several fields within four km radius of the village and seen hundreds of dead birds

He said the officials of the animal husbandry department had given injections to some sick birds on Tuesday but many dead birds were recovered on Wednesday too.

Courtesy of hindustantimes.com



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