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MEGA UPPER AND LOWER DIP SPIKES ON THE WEAK MAGNETOSPHERE @ APPROX 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 HRS UTC

Magnetogram 07.12.18 22.25 hrs UTC

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700 dolphins wash up dead during the winter along the coast of France

Some 700 dolphins washed up dead on French beaches over the winter, figures reveal, most of them, victims of the fishing industry.

Between January and April 2018, some 700 small cetenea, most of them common dolphins and to a lesser extent harbour porpoise, were found dead on beaches on the French Atlantic coast.

“Seventy to eighty percent of them presented lesions compatible with an accidental death after being caught in fishing gear,” Olivier Van Canneyt, biologist at the Observatoire Pelagis — a research centre dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and birds — told Euronews.

Cuts from fishing nets, amputated fins, broken rostrums or asphyxiations were some of the signs that their deaths followed them being inadvertently caught by fishing vessels.

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Mass die off of fish, birds, manatees, shark and other marine life due to red tide in Florida, USA

Florida’s southwest coast, a ribbon of inlets and barrier islands normally brimming with wildlife, has become a red tide slaughterhouse this summer.

Dead fish by the thousands have clogged inlets and canals. Since Sunday, 10 dead Goliath grouper, the massive reef fish that can live four decades or more, have floated to the surface. At least 90 sea turtles have been found stranded as the tide stretches well into nesting season. And Tuesday, as hundreds of residents packed a standing-room-only Cape Coral yacht club to hear about the federal government’s efforts to deal with water conditions, a dead manatee washed up at a nearby boat ramp.

The list goes on: earlier this month the carcass of a whale shark was found on a Sanibel beach with red tide in its muscles, liver, intestines and stomach. Hundreds of double-breasted cormorants, brown pelicans and other seabirds have been sickened or died.

Coupled with a massive blue-green algae bloom that spread across Lake Okeechobee and snaked down the Caloosahatchee River in June, the dire conditions have infuriated businesses and residents, and drawn national attention to the normally quiet tourist towns.

“This is horrific what we’re enduring now, but it needs to be a wake-up call to people that clean water is important to more than just wildlife,” said Heather Barron, a veterinarian and research director at Sanibel’s CROW Clinic wildlife rescue center, which began treating poisoned birds as early as October. “As the person dealing with all these hundreds of dying animals, I’m upset.”

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Dozens of birds dropping dead from sky at Turtle Lake, Canada

Gulls have been dropping from the sky at Turtle Lake, leading to an unsettling feeling for locals and campers coming across the dead young birds.

Suzy Fey Pilat has found dozens of the birds lying around the beaches of the lake, located about 240 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon. She’s also watched as the birds have fallen from the sky.

“It feels like you’re in a horror movie. It’s crazy.”

She said two weeks ago, forecasts called for a storm and winds as high as 100 kilometres an hour. While winds didn’t reach that level, she says shortly after that storm, she began finding dead birds on the beach.

“Every day, since the first day, we were finding 17, 18, 19, 20 dead ones,” she said.

“They’re dying everywhere.”

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Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Kansas, USA

Fish Kill Alert

People in one Wichita neighborhood found hundreds of dead fish in their community lake on Thursday.

“Yesterday, the lake was covered with them. Today, the winds have brought them over to this corner,” said Greg Cannon.

Cannon’s backyard faces the lake. He said he was letting the dogs out on Thursday near 21st and Maize Road when he noticed a stench in the air and something floating in the water.

“I didn’t really see that many dead fish, but a couple hours later they were all over the place,” Cannon said. “It smells a little bit like a fish market.”

Neighbor Al Thimmesch echoed Cannon’s statement.

“I was going to come out and fish and the next thing I see is dead fish,” said Thimmesch. “I hate to see them floating, besides they stink.”

A fishery biologist with the Kansas Wildlife & Parks Department said a fish kill isn’t uncommon in a small body of water. The biologist said a reduction in oxygen triggered by an algae bloom may have caused the kills, but he is not certain.

The Aberdeen HOA president, who is in charge of maintaining the lake, added white perch, a non-native species, could also be to blame.

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Thousands of dead fish wash up in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of dead fish that washed up behind Assembly Square in Somerville earlier this week likely died of natural causes, marine officials said.

Photos taken by Douglas McRay Daniels showed a countless number of fish washed up near the commuter rail tracks at Assembly Station.

Water samples taken in the area did not show any problems with oil or hazardous materials, indicating the deaths were not pollution-related, according to the Department of Environmental Protection.

The Division of Marine Fisheries determined that the deaths were likely due to natural causes, such as aggregations for spawning, predator avoidance, localized oxygen depletion, and rising water temperatures.

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Thousands of fish die in fish farms in Banjar Regency, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Although he had been given an appeal by the Fisheries Agency BanjarRegency, incidence of death apparently thousands of fish in the waters of Awang Bangkal sub-district Karang Intan, BanjarRegency, keep going.

Since Sunday (22/7/2018) and then, within a day, tons and tons of more types of fish cannot survive afloat on a Keramba Floating Nets (KJA).

Artikel ini telah tayang di dengan judul Thousands of fish in the Keramba Floating in the waters of Awang Bangkal Banjar Die Sudden,

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Hundreds of dead fish appear in a lagoon in Guerrero, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of dead fish appeared floating on the lagoon of Chantengo, reported inhabitants of this community of the municipality of Florencio Villarreal of the costa chica of Guerrero region. In addition to this, emerging pests smells that, according to the locals had not fielded in the lagoon.

Settlers reported that on Sunday all was well and that it was yesterday morning Monday when the odor and fish floating caused alarm, therefore fear that the problem is due to a chemical.

Inhabitants said they refrain from eating fish from the lagoon of Chantengo until you have information that is what is causing this phenomenon in the lagoon.

Fishermen asked relevant authorities address the issue and conduct a study that determine the causes of death of fish and called on the population in general do not consume the fish until the corresponding studies have.

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Thousands of dead fish appear on the coast of Mahahual, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of dead sardines appear floating on the coast of Mahhual, this day a great surprise took inhabitants of the Mayan coast at the height of the Bermejo River 6 km south of this town.

Mayor José Rosas mentioned that it is due to sargassum, species such as seahorse and other species have been affected, no environmental authority is monitoring this phenomenon.

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200 dead birds found, ‘a mystery’ in Burra, Australia

Dead galahs found in Burra

PHOTO: Some of the galahs found dead in Burra. (Facebook: Ruth Norris)

About 200 galahs have been found dead in the South Australian town of Burra, prompting investigations by the state’s Department for Environment and Water and the local council.

Dead birds started turning up in the historic Mid North town last Wednesday, with numbers increasing to about 200 by Monday, according to Animal Rescue and Care co-ordinator Ruth Norris.

A Facebook post featuring some of the deceased creatures by Ms Norris has been shared more than 1,600 times.

She said the birds otherwise looked healthy and it was not obvious how they had died.

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