Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Kansas, USA

Fish Kill Alert

People in one Wichita neighborhood found hundreds of dead fish in their community lake on Thursday.

“Yesterday, the lake was covered with them. Today, the winds have brought them over to this corner,” said Greg Cannon.

Cannon’s backyard faces the lake. He said he was letting the dogs out on Thursday near 21st and Maize Road when he noticed a stench in the air and something floating in the water.

“I didn’t really see that many dead fish, but a couple hours later they were all over the place,” Cannon said. “It smells a little bit like a fish market.”

Neighbor Al Thimmesch echoed Cannon’s statement.

“I was going to come out and fish and the next thing I see is dead fish,” said Thimmesch. “I hate to see them floating, besides they stink.”

A fishery biologist with the Kansas Wildlife & Parks Department said a fish kill isn’t uncommon in a small body of water. The biologist said a reduction in oxygen triggered by an algae bloom may have caused the kills, but he is not certain.

The Aberdeen HOA president, who is in charge of maintaining the lake, added white perch, a non-native species, could also be to blame.

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