200+ Penguins found dead on a beach in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pinguins são encontrados mortos em Ilha Comprida, SP. — Foto: Divulgação/IPeC

Penguins are found dead in Long Island, SP. — Photo: disclosure/IPeC

More than 200 penguins were found dead on the beaches of Long Island, Ilha do Cardoso and Iguape, on the coast of São Paulo, only in the first week of August. The number of animals collected surprised researchers at the Instituto de Pesquisas Cananéia (IPeC). According to them, most of the penguins found dead are young and not resisted the trip that begins at the southern end of Patagonia.

The Magellanic penguins (spheniscus magellanicus) inhabit the coastal areas of Argentina, Chile and the Falkland Islands, migrating sometimes up to Brazil, on the Atlantic Ocean, or Peru, in the case of the populations of the Pacific Ocean. According to the IPeC, the migration happens in colder period, when animals can find in the brazilian coast in warmer waters and food easier as shoals of fish also migrate because of low temperatures.

Courtesy of g1.globo.com



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