Major avalanche at Balea Lac, Romania

Balea Lac, Romania 18.12.18

Photo credit: Dan Popescu/

A big avalanche has broken the merchants’ wooden cottages in the parking near the chalets at Balea Lac, over 2,000m altitude in Fagaras mountains following heavy snowfall in the past days.

Fortunately, there have been no victims, but mountain rescuers warned the risk of new avalanches remains high, of 4 on a scale from 1 to 5. The largest snow pack in Romania has been registered in Fagaras mountains- 155 centimetres.

The head of the Sibiu Mountain Rescue Department, Adrian David, has stated that the avalanche had occurred on Monday night to Tuesday, and had no victims. This was the first avalanche at Balea Lac caused by the heavy snowfall in the past days.

The avalanche got near the Balea Lac Chalet, up to Balea Lac and quite close to the Mountain Rescue Department.

Access in the tourist area Balea Lac is available only by cable car from Balea Waterfall. Tourists can reach the waterfall by car on Transfagarasan. The snow has been removed from the alpine road, but traffic is hindered, being possible under winter conditions.

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