Hundreds of crabs wash up dead on Collier, Lee County beaches in Florida, USA

27.09.18 Dead Crabs In Florida, USA

A dead crab washes up onshore at Bonita Beach on Sept. 26, 2018 – Jake Allen/Naples Daily News

Crabs are the latest casualty of Southwest Florida’s lingering red tide problem as hundreds of them have washed up dead or dying on beaches in Collier and Lee counties since Saturday.

Billy Norris, a Naples resident and owner of Pale Horse Fishing Charters, was at Bonita Beach Monday where he saw masses of dead crabs.

“They were all crawling out because I guess they couldn’t breathe in the water,” Norris said. “Then they were dying on the beach. The sheer amount of them was pretty amazing.”

On Wednesday, Bonita Beach’s water was a rusty, red color and its shore was still littered with crab claws and dead or dying crabs of different sizes and species including blue crabs, Atlantic horseshoe crabs, calico crabs and Cuban mole crabs.

Bonita Beach in Lee County is not the only area where dead crabs are washing ashore. Connie Deane, a Collier County spokeswoman, said dead crabs have had to be cleaned up at all Collier beaches since last Saturday.

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