Large die off of fish in the waters of Liuzhou City, China

Fish Kill Alert

On October 9, a large number of dead fish appeared in Huilonggou area of ​​Liuzhou City. The relevant departments attached great importance and immediately launched an investigation. On the 11th, the results of the investigation were announced, and the possibility of industrial pollution was basically ruled out.

According to the introduction of the Liuzhou Environmental Monitoring Detachment, the team immediately rushed to the scene to investigate and collect evidence after receiving reports from the public. Upon arrival at Huilonggou, the dead fish has been salvaged by the Water Conservation Team. The environmental monitoring detachment organized supervision personnel to conduct investigations on Liuhua and Baisha WWTPs, the main sewage disposal enterprises in the upper reaches of Huilonggou, and organized monitoring companies to monitor the effluent wastewater and Huilonggou of the two enterprises.

On October 10, the environmental monitoring detachment again inspected the two companies mentioned above. After investigation, the pollution facilities of the two enterprises were operating normally, and the recent automatic monitoring data of wastewater were up to standard. In order to further confirm the quality of Huilonggou water quality, the environmental monitoring detachment once again organized a monitoring company to sample and monitor the effluent wastewater and Huilonggou of the two enterprises. The results of the two monitoring showed that the wastewater discharged from the enterprise did not exceed the standard, and the water quality of Huilonggou did not change significantly. Based on this, it can be confirmed that the large-scale dead fish incident in Huilonggou was not caused by industrial enterprises.

Tang Chunhua, director of the Liuzhou Fishery and Fishing Port Supervision and Management Station, told the reporter that after the incident, the station also went to the scene to investigate and found that the amount of dead fish was large, but the dead fish species were single, and the dead fish was almost average. Size, it is possible that the upstream dumped dead fish will flow down. “From our point of view, we can rule out two possibilities. One is poisonous fish. Because the poison will cause the big and small fish to die together, the variety will not be single. The second can eliminate industrial pollution, because industrial pollution will also cause more. Fish species die, and the smaller the fish, the faster and more they die.”

Tang Chunhua said that the reasons for the large number of dead fish in Huilonggou were analyzed. They analyzed several possibilities: First, the dead fish that were cultured upstream were thrown into the sewage channel and flowed to Huilonggou; second, there was a large fish pond in the upper reaches. When the water is changed, some fish are discharged. Because the water quality of the pond water and the river water are quite different, the fish from the fish pond cannot be properly killed for a while because the white carp is a kind of fish species that are more sensitive to water quality. However, the source of the specific dead fish comes from where it is still unclear.

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