Almost 90 TONS of fish die in a lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fish Kill Alert

The work of removing dead fish from the mirror of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas ended on Sunday. The numbers impress: Comlurb teams have collected 89 tonnes since last Thursday. According to biologist Mario Moscatelli, the last major mortality before this happened in 2000, with almost 110 tons.

For Moscatelli, the phenomenon was caused by the combination of three factors: extreme heat, pollution and lack of renewal of the water of the Lagoa due to the silting of the Garden Channel of Alah. The Secretariat for Conservation and Environment (Seconserma) assured that the deaths were caused by the proliferation of cyanobacteria and phytoplankton.

On Sunday, the secretariat reported that the measurement recorded 4.97 mg / L of dissolved oxygen, above the ideal minimum of 3 mg / L. During the early morning and early morning OD ranged from 2.7 mg / L to 0.66 mg / L. “The lagoon is still recovering from its ecosystem, and the flag is still red. The monitoring continues until the complete lagoon balance, ” says a passage from Seconserma’s note.

For the cleaning operation of the Lagoon it took 601 garis, 61 cleaning agents and four catamarans.

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