Tons of fish die in a river in Dong Nai, Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

According to VNA, continuously on December 16-17, the phenomenon of abnormal death of fish on La Nga river (Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province) happened again.

According to preliminary statistics of La Nga commune, there are at least 3 tons of cultured fish killed, causing hundreds of millions of dong damage; In particular, dead fish are mainly Lang, Nang Hai and carp.

Some raft fish farmers in La Nga commune said that the phenomenon of fish floating in the raft and starting to die from the morning of December 16 continued until December 17 and there was no sign of stopping. Dead fish are predominantly Lang fish with the weight of 2-3 litters / fish, the rest are carp and Leo and Nang Hai fish are preparing to sell. Many people perceive that the water here has a strange smell, the fish constantly float their heads and die.

According to Tran Thi Huong, La Nga commune, Dinh Quan district, from yesterday until now, the water in the river has changed color and the stench is rising. Initially, the Lang fish were floating and then died slowly, then the Two fish and carp also began to die until today.

In the wake of the massive fish death, on December 17, many fish raising households on the La Nga River moved fish rafts upstream, hoping to save the remaining fish.

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