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Severe #Flooding – #Makassar, #Indonesia – Jan. 22, 2019

#Coldest Snowstorm In More Than 100 Years In #Ottawa, #Canada

Winter Storm

Daytime temperature -24C combined with 30cm of snow has been reported at Ottawa Airport making this the coldest snowstorm in more than 100 years!

Cold and snowstorms do typically go hand in hand, and while it can’t actually be ‘too cold to snow’*, heavy snow is much harder to generate the lower the temperature drops. By the time you get into the -20s and -30s Celsius, heavy snow is fairly uncommon, but that’s not because it’s too cold; rather, it’s because the air is too dry. The amount of water vapour the air can hold decreases as the temperature goes down; so the colder it gets, the less moisture there is available to make snow. That’s also why you tend to see smaller snowflakes in colder weather, rather than big clumpy ones.