100,000 #chickens killed due to #heat in #Montevideo, #Uruguay


The intense heat that affected the country in recent days did not affect only human beings, who persistently complained about the thermal sensations through social networks.

The poultry sector, in particular, suffered the heat stroke in its economy, since 100,000 chickens killed by high temperatures are estimated (mainly in Montevideo and Canelones).

The president of the Asociacion de Fasoneros de Pollos Unidos, José Luis Strazzarino, told the National Report (Radio Uruguay) that it is common for mortality to increase at this time of the year, but not in the way it was registered in the last week. “The high temperature never generated such a mortality in so few days,” he said. In general, the mortality rate of chicks raised is between 2% and 3%, which is very low in the region, he said.

Strazzarino said that the poultry sector has been complicated for years. “We raise fewer chickens per square meter, sometimes you get to the extreme like when a company goes bankrupt, as happened with Tennent last year,” he said.

In August 2018, 80,000 chickens died after being left without a ration, as a result of the crisis affecting that company at that time.

“The industry has been complicated since exports were cut, it was prepared to export between 10,000 and 14,000 tons per year, which was going to go mainly to Venezuela, it grew too much with a market that was not real, but Tabaré Vázquez said that came a poultry farm that was going to sell 300 million dollars and that was a real business, not something invented, but it fell, without anybody’s fault, if it was done, it would have needed all that productive apparatus. chickens, which generated a crisis, “he concluded.

Courtesy of montevideo.com.uy


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