Thousands of #cattle #dying due to #drought in #Australia

Livestock Alert

The number of dead cattle on a remote Western Australia property is expected to double to 2,000, a peak industry group warned today, as evidence surfaced of an earlier incident at the same site.

WA Government officers have destroyed more than 300 head of cattle on the Yandeyarra Reserve, 100 kilometres south of Port Hedland, and have warned the number might exceed 1,000 after their condition deteriorated following a lack of food and water.

Pastoralists and Graziers’ Association of WA president Tony Seabrook said he had been briefed on the worsening situation at the Pilbara property this morning, and the situation was totally unacceptable.

“It appears as though it’s going to get to be a whole lot worse than it currently is,” Mr Seabrook said.

“The figures the minister has been putting forward are very conservative.

Roughly 5,000 head of cattle are run on the Yandeyarra Reserve by the Yandeyarra Aboriginal Community, which is managed by the Mugarinya Community Association.

It comes just weeks after up to 1,000 cattle may have perished on the Noonkanbah Station in WA’s Kimberley region, which is currently managed by Yungngora Association Incorporated.

Mr Seabrook said the fact the Pilbara property is an Indigenous reserve should play no role in future action, and it should be held to the same account as any other WA pastoral lease holder.

“This is an animal welfare issue,” he said.

“The same compliance that would be on a white property should be here too — it doesn’t absolve them of any responsibility.”

It came as the ABC learned of an earlier large-scale cattle death event at the same Pilbara property in 2012.

It is believed in that incident at least 100 head of cattle perished on the property at Horse Water Well.

A whistleblower’s report into the animal welfare concerns, and its shocking photos, was provided to WA Greens MP Robin Chapple in late 2014.

Kariyarra elder Patricia Mason said she raised the concerns in 2012, and today said she was devastated by the most recent incident.

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