Dozens of dead #ducks found, ‘never seen anything like it’ in a park in #Calgary, #Canada

dead duck1

Photo by Wayne Clarke

A Calgary couple who frequent a southeast park say they’re mystified after discovering dozens of dead birds while on a walk.

Wayne Clarke and his partner Heather said they came across the dead animals last week at Elliston Park, at the intersection of 68 Street and 17 Avenue S.E. Each time they returned over the week, they said more dead animals appeared.

The couple said they’re worried for families who walk through the park — especially those with young children.

“I’m disgusted because it hasn’t been cleaned up,” Clarke said. “This is a public park. People bring their children — for a child to see this, it’s not a good thing.”

Clarke and Hicks said they’re also concerned for the other animals that may have been feeding on the carcasses, worried the ducks may have been carrying a disease or virus.

“We see little footprints of different animals coming down here. I don’t want them to get sick and then we have a problem,” Hicks said.

Alberta Environment and Parks said Wednesday it had launched an investigation into why so many birds perished.

According to senior wildlife biologist Brett Boukall, there could be a variety of reasons for their deaths, and officials are looking at factors like starvation, extreme exposure to elements and/or diseases.

Boukall said as the temperatures drop, open water areas – like the pond at Elliston Park – may be reduced, which can lead to overcrowding.

“When we do see this overcrowding, they might not be able to feed effectively, they might not be able to protect them from the elements,” Boukall said Wednesday. “And it’s possible that if one of them is carrying a disease, it can spread more quickly when they’re in a tighter group in a smaller area.”

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