80 #turtles wash up #dead this year in #Paraiba, #Brazil

11.03.19 Dead Turtles In Brazil

The turtles were found dead at Praia do Bessa in João Pessoa. Photo: Reproduction / Whatsapp

Seven turtles were found dead at Bessa Beach, in Joao Pessoa, in an area known as Caribessa on Sunday (10). From January to March, the number reaches 80 on the entire coast of Paraíba, according to a survey by the non-governmental organization Tartarugas Urbanas Guajiru.

According to one of the association’s volunteers, Cléber Filho, there are two causes that most cause deaths of marine animals in the state. “The causes of death with greater incidence in the coast of Paraíba are by ingestion of plastic bag and fishing net,” he said.

The animals of the turtle-green species were trapped in a fishing net that was placed on top of a coral bank. The material was collected by the Environmental Police to be examined and then buried by the Municipal Special City of Urban Cleaning (Emlur).

According to Cléber, the population can help supervising, that is, whenever they see something wrong on the beaches of Paraiba should contact the police through the 190. In a statement released via social network, the NGO Guajiru charges inspection by the authorities and education of fishermen.

Courtesy of op9.com.br



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