Mass #deaths of #birds and #animals found in a field off the #Azov coast, #Ukraine

Yamkin Extremities_3

The message about the found dead birds began to arrive to the hunters on March 7. Dozens of corpses crows, starlings, pheasants and partridges found in the landings.

Local residents also reported that they find dead animals – foxes and dogs. As established by the members of the Azov Primary Hunting Group, the corpses of animals are located near fields planted with rapeseed.

It is suspected that the green grain of wheat used for rodent control has become a poison for animals.

“We traveled only one landing and found dead foxes, crows, partridges, buzzards and starlings. By the way, buzzards and starlings are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. We also found many plague birds, that is, those who died and could no longer fly,” said the head of the team Roman Serdyayev.

Militiamen recorded the fact of poisoning of birds and animals, found a grain of green color, which was removed from the scene, and also received a statement from the hunters.

Dead animals and birds were found in the fields leased by Primorsky LLC and not only in Kirillovka, but also in other territories of the Akimov district. Veterinary experts are already conducting their own investigation.

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