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Dozens of dead sea #birds found washed up on a beach in #Ritoque, #Chile

Bird Alert

A score of dead birds were found in an area of ​​the beach of Ritoque, as confirmed by the Captaincy of Puerto de Quintero that received the complaint, a video recorded by those who were walking this Wednesday in the sector shows the animals scattered in the sand .

From the maritime authority they indicated that they referred the case to the Quillota provincial office of the Livestock Agricultural Service (SAG), who arrived with personnel from Quintero’s own headquarters to check the radius of about 70 meters in which the animals were found.

From the SAG, Javier Araya indicated that no evidence was found that third parties had intervened in the death of the birds, also ruled out intoxication or the presence of a disease that as a service they should report.

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4,000 #cattle dead due to #drought in #Cordoba, #Colombia

Livestock Alert

Approximately 4,000 cattle died in several municipalities, Leaving millions in loses.

The lack of water, food and high temperatures led to the death of the livestock.

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13 dead #whales wash up this year in #WashingtonState, #USA

8.05.19 Dead Whales In USA

Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife towed a gray whale away from an Everett beach Tuesday evening, so scientists can do a necropsy to find out how it died.

It’s the 13th dead whale in to wash up on Washington state shores this year.

Scientists say the spike in gray whale deaths appears to be tied with malnourishment, but the drastic increase in the number of dead whales has marine biologists stumped.

Along the West Coast, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there are now 48 dead whales as of Tuesday that have washed up on shore. A normal year is just a few whales per state, per year.

The whale in Everett that washed up near Harborview Park had a stream of visitors on Tuesday. People were captivated by the whale, taking photos, and even touching it.

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Thousands of dead #fish wash up along the coast of #Ecuador

Fish Kill Alert

The appearance of thousands of dead fish in the coasts of Manta, Manabí and in Balao, Guayas generated consternation among residents and tourists last weekend.

According to the authorities, the first sighting occurred on May 4 at the Esteros beach in Manta. A second report was registered on May 5 in the offshore branches of the Balao canton. The phenomenon went viral in social networks.

The Ministry of Aquaculture and Fisheries undertook an investigation to determine what caused the mass death of fish. The Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries warned in a press release that the fish are not suitable for consumption.

The Undersecretariat of Fisheries Resources, the National Fisheries Institute and the Ministry of Environment investigate whether the phenomenon is linked to the contamination of marine waters or the spillage of chemicals or fuel from fishing vessels.

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9 dead #whales wash up since March in #SanFrancisco, #USA

Photo By Jeff Chiu, AP

Marine mammal experts are concerned about the death of a gray whale that washed ashore in San Francisco.

The whale found Monday on Ocean Beach was the ninth discovered in the San Francisco Bay Area since March.

The Marine Mammal Center plans a necropsy to determine what killed the animal.

The center says four previous whales died from malnutrition and three were struck by ships. The cause of death for another hasn’t been determined.

But the center says biologists have spotted gray whales in poor condition during this year’s annual migration from Mexico to Alaska. They suspect some are having trouble finding enough to eat as warming ocean conditions cause changes to their food supplies, which can range from krill and small shrimp-like animals to small fish.

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Thousands of dead #fish wash ashore near #Sathanur reservoir, #India

Fish Kill Alert

It came as a huge surprise to visitors on the downstream end of Sathanur reservoir to see thousands of fish washed ashore on Friday morning.

Dead fish were washed ashore for a stretch of about 400 metres. Alerted by the locals, officials of the Public Works Department and Department of Fisheries here visited the spot and collected the dead fish.

Sources said the dead fish would be sent to Fisheries College and Research Institute to ascertain the exact reason for their mysterious death. Fishermen and the villagers allege that the miscreants may have used some toxic substances which caused the death of the fish.

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Thousands of dead #fish wash ashore in #Zamboanga, #Philippines

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of dead fish were washed ashore in the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga and suspected to have died from lack or low level of dissolved oxygen.

Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco Salazar has dispatched a team of experts from the Office of the City Agriculturist, Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources and members of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to investigate the fish kill, which occurred late on Wednesday.

Salazar inspected the shorelines and ordered the immediate clean-up of the area, and warned villagers against consuming the dead fish, mostly rabbitfish or spine foot fish locally known as danggit, saying the team of experts were still processing water samples and fish taken from the western coastline.

Residents were prohibited from swimming in areas where the fish kill occurred until these were declared safe.

“The public is advised not to swim or pick dead fish where authorities spotted thousands of dead danggit floating in the waters. The BFAR, through Charlie Repana (technical manager of the Chemistry Unit), has gathered samples of the fish and water for laboratory tests to determine the exact cause of the fish kill,” Salazar said.

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Tens of thousands of dead #fish wash up in #Linyi Port, #China

Fish Kill Alert

There are tens of thousands of dead fish in the port of Lin Biao, and the Food Bureau will continue to observe the situation.

“Xingming Daily” reported yesterday that the fishery in the port of Linyi Port had been dead since a few days ago. About four or five fisheries suffered.

Upon inquiry, the Singapore Food Bureau confirmed that dead fish were found on the coast of Lintao Harbour.

“Preliminary investigations show that it is due to low dissolved oxygen in this area.”

The Food Bureau will continue to observe the situation, and the authorities have previously worked with fish farmers to develop response measures such as providing inflation and reducing or stopping feeding of fish.

“We have reminded the fishery to initiate the above measures during periods of low dissolved oxygen.”

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Hundreds of dead #fish found in #ShaheRiver in #Changqing District, #China

Fish Kill Alert

On the morning of the 27th, in the west section of the bridge of the Shahe Fengshan Road in Peking University, Changqing District, dead fish floated on the water surface. This problem occurred in the water bank of about 2000 meters, and the air emitted a pungent smell. Residents nearby said that this phenomenon has lasted for two or three days.

After the north Dasha River passes through the Fengshan Road Bridge to the west, it forms a water bay with dozens of football fields. On the morning of the 27th, several nearby residents gathered in the bay. “I heard that a lot of fish died here, and I came here to see the situation.” The reporter of the New Times went to the south bank along the bay from the north bank, and a lot of dead floated along the waterfront of the river bank. Fish and some rubbish, showing a white river line, nearly 2000 meters in length, the air is filled with pungent smell.

The 22-year-old Xiaoye is a villager near Yezhuang. He said that most of the dead fish are squid, most of them are four or five centimeters long, and many of them are more than 20 centimeters long. “Look at the shape of the fish, many of them are just spring.” “The most dead fish on the south bank, the floating water surface is more than 1 meter wide. Through the reeds, the reporter found that many waterfowl wild ducks stood in front of the dead fish, but there was no sign of eating. “There are some dead fish on the ground, which should be dragged by the mouse.” Xiaoye said that no bird bodies such as waterfowl were found along the way. Obviously these fish should not be poisonous, that is, no one should be poisoned in the water. fish.

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Hundreds of dead #birds, #fish, #dolphins and sea #turtles found on #GalvestonBeach, #Texas, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

Volunteers in southern Texas are trying to figure out why hundreds of birds, fish, dolphins and sea turtles have been found dead on a Galveston beach, the Galveston County Daily News reported.

One volunteer found more than 100 dead fish while walking on the beach Wednesday, KVUE reported.

Volunteers also reported 50 dead pelicans in one day, according to Theresa Morris, Gulf program coordinator with the Turtle Island Restoration Network.Morris said the large amount of carcasses could have something to do with the chemical fire in Deer Park in March, KSAT reported. The fire caused thick, black smoke to fill the air, while pollutants leaked into the air and waterways, the television station reported.Biologists took water samples Wednesday, KVUE reported.

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