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Depth: 152 km

Distances: 37 km SE of Port-Vila, Vanuatu / pop: 36,000 / local time: 09:14:14.6 2019-08-07

534 km NE of Nouméa, New Caledonia / pop: 93,100 / local time: 09:14:14.6 2019-08-07
1040 km W of Suva, Fiji / pop: 77,400 / local time: 10:14:14.6 2019-08-07

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Hundreds of dead #fish found in #MellaRiver in #Italy

Fish Kill Alert

The Mella river and the precariousness of its ecosystem return to be talked about. This is demonstrated by a video sent by one of our readers, shot between the center of Castel Mella and the hamlet of Onzato, where a mortality of fish (hundreds of dead specimens) was recorded on Friday.

The mortality could have been caused by high temperatures, combined with the very low level of water in the area. However, other reasons are not excluded, from an illegal spill to the toxins released by an alga. To shed light on what has happened it will be necessary to wait for the results of the analysis of the Ats, the Brescia Health Protection Agency.

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Tens of tons of #fish die in fish farms in #Sragen, #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Changes in weather have an impact on fish in the cages of the Kedung Ombo Reservoir (WKO) Sumberlawang region, Sragen. Tens of tons of fish in the cage died in the last two days or Thursday-Friday (27-28 / 6/2019).

Information collected by, many of the dead fish occur in cages belonging to residents of Gondanglegi Hamlet, Boyolayar (Ngargosari Village) and Ngasinan Hamlet (Ngargotirto Village), Sumberlawang District.

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6 dead #whales found in Gulf of St. Lawrence, #Canada

A sixth dead North Atlantic right whale has been discovered in the Gulf of St. Lawrence this year, Fisheries and Oceans Canada said Thursday evening, hours after announcing heightened protective measures for the endangered species.

It’s the fourth whale carcass discovered in the past 48 hours. The sixth whale, which has yet to be identified, was found drifting off Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula during an aerial surveillance flight.

“We are currently assessing the recovery and necropsy options,” the federal agency said in a statement.

The latest discovery came less than a day after the fifth whale was discovered along Anticosti Island in Quebec.

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Hundreds of dead #fish turn up in a lake in #Orlando, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of dead fish turn up in a lake in Orlando, USA

Thousands of dead #fish wash up in the the #Blackwater and #Owenass rivers in #Mountmellick, #RepublicOfIreland

Fish Kill Alert

THOUSANDS of fish have been wiped out in the Blackwater and Owenass rivers, which run through Mountmellick.

Dead fish floating on top of the water were first noticed by a man walking along the bank of the Owenass on Friday evening. He subsequently alerted members of Mountmellick Angling Association.

During a follow-up examination of the river bank, members of the angling club discovered hundreds of dead brown trout. They contacted the Inland Fisheries Board, which dispatched officers on Saturday and Sunday, who found thousands of dead brown trout, minnow, crayfish and salmon parr along a five-mile stretch of the Owenass.

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Thousands of #fish found dead at #LakeOumGuellaz, #Algeria

Fish Kill Alert

The images went around the canvas. Thousands of dead fish are seen floating on the surface of Lake Oum Guellaz, located near Oued Tlelat, about 30 kilometres south of Oran. For Internet users are industrialists of the region who are responsible for the ecological disaster by dumping toxic products directly into the lake.

In response to the controversy, a multidisciplinary commission of biology experts was urgently dispatched by the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy to carry out the necessary analyses and determine the causes of the disaster.

For its part, the wilaya services have begun a series of visits to factory inspections located in the industrial zone of Oued Tlelat. An initial finding revealed that the poison died from asphyxiation in this aquatic environment, caused by the abnormally low water level, “evidenced by the specimens that drifted on the edge of this lake”, noted the Director of environment, Samira Mr. Bendahou.

For the director, water stress can cause an imbalance in this aquatic ecosystem after a period of drought. “There are also other possible causes such as industrial and other discharges with the presence of algae,” she said. The first results of the analyses will be known in five days.

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Hundreds of dead #fish wash up, ‘a mystery’ in Westminster City Park lake in #Colorado, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of dead fish have washed up in Westminster City Lake Park since last week. The 4th of July Fishing Derby has been cancelled because the mystery behind what’s killing the fish remains unsolved.

Neighbors told CBS4 that dozens of dead fish wash up on the shores every day. Each night, crews remove the fish but in the morning there are more.

“Something really funny is going on,” one neighbor named Theresa said.

Theresa loves to walk around City Park Lake in Westminster.

“It’s so pretty. There’s lots of different types of birds,” she said.

Westminster Fire tweeted the upcoming 4th of July Fishing Derby has been cancelled because of the dead fish.

The city is working with an outside company that manages the pond to find out what went wrong.

The lake was stocked with thousands of fish; carp, catfish, bluegill and large mouth bass. Now all of those fish are dying.

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Mass die off of #fish in a lake in #Nebraska, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

A place where people come to relax and enjoy some time in the sun, got a rude awakening today as dead fish piled up on the shore of the lake.

“I came out to go for a walk and the minute I walked out the door I saw all these fish. There are some fish that are that big, dead.” 16:41:43:28

Dead fish everywhere.

“They’re out in the middle of the lake too,” Regency Lakeside Apartments Resident Eileen Johnson said.

Regency Lake is known for its beautiful views. Condos and apartments surround the lake to enjoy all the natural beauty but the views and smells are a little bit different today.”

“You see a white spot? That’s a dead fish,” Johnson said.

“You can smell it from about 100 feet away,” visitor Lindsay Barlow said.

The department of environmental quality says that the cause of this is due to an algae bloom in the lake.

The increase of algae depletes the amount of oxygen in the water, killing off small fish.

“It’s putrid,” Barlow said.

The DEQ says this is a cyclical, naturally occurring phenomenon that is not dangerous to the public and not new to the lake.

The state is not required to clean up the mess. Some residents say they’ve seen this before and that local fishermen usually pick up the fish or birds and other wildlife eat away at them until they’re all gone. A fairly quick process.

Newer residents and visitors however, aren’t used to such a sight.

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