Thousands of #fish found dead at #LakeOumGuellaz, #Algeria

Fish Kill Alert

The images went around the canvas. Thousands of dead fish are seen floating on the surface of Lake Oum Guellaz, located near Oued Tlelat, about 30 kilometres south of Oran. For Internet users are industrialists of the region who are responsible for the ecological disaster by dumping toxic products directly into the lake.

In response to the controversy, a multidisciplinary commission of biology experts was urgently dispatched by the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy to carry out the necessary analyses and determine the causes of the disaster.

For its part, the wilaya services have begun a series of visits to factory inspections located in the industrial zone of Oued Tlelat. An initial finding revealed that the poison died from asphyxiation in this aquatic environment, caused by the abnormally low water level, “evidenced by the specimens that drifted on the edge of this lake”, noted the Director of environment, Samira Mr. Bendahou.

For the director, water stress can cause an imbalance in this aquatic ecosystem after a period of drought. “There are also other possible causes such as industrial and other discharges with the presence of algae,” she said. The first results of the analyses will be known in five days.

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