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Confirmed case of #Measles in #LasVegas, #USA


Not predicted: more #sea #ice than average in southern-most #Arctic first week of #August #2019

Hudson Bay weekly departure from normal 2019 Aug 5

Polar bear habitat update for the first week of August 2019 shows there is still more sea ice than average in Hudson Bay, the southern-most area of continuous habitation for this species. That certainly wasn’t part of the predictions of doom, especially since freeze-up in that region for the last two years has also been earlier-than-average which means a shorter ice-free season than we’ve seen for decades.

Despite ice coverage for the Arctic ice as a whole being marginally lower than it has been since 1979 for this time of year, sea ice for the first week of August was also above average around Svalbard in the Barents Sea and higher than the last few years in the Central Arctic, which is a critical summer refugium for polar bears that live in the peripheral seas of the Arctic Ocean, including the Chukchi (see photo below, taken in early August 2018).

Chukchi Sea polar bear Arctic_early August 2018_A Khan NSIDC small

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Record #Cold In Parts Of #Russia

Record Cold Alert

August 7 was marked by new temperature records. Moreover, they were installed in the central regions of European Russia. The northern and eastern regions of the Central Federal District turned out to be the coldest, the average daily air temperature here did not reach the norm of 4 degrees. In some cities of the Yaroslavl region, it dropped so much that it set new daily records. According to the site ” Weatherand Climate, Rybinsk became the record-breaking cities, where the minimum temperature was 7.2 degrees, which is 0.1 degrees lower than the previous record held since 1982, and Pereslavl-Zalessky colder in the morning to 3.7 degrees, the previous record, 5.4 degrees, was also noted in 1982.

In the city of Vladimir, it got colder up to +5, which also became a daily record (the previous record, 5.9 degrees, and was noted here in 1982.)

On Friday, the temperature in these areas will approach normal, and again on weekends will lag behind it 1-2 degrees.

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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 707 km SW of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,838,000 / local time: 08:23:20.9 2019-08-16

503 km W of Salem, United States / pop: 155,000 / local time: 08:23:20.9 2019-08-16
421 km W of Newport, United States / pop: 10,000 / local time: 08:23:20.9 2019-08-16

Global view Regional view


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Depth: 5 km

Distances: 590 km N of Dallas, United States / pop: 1,198,000 / local time: 08:43:06.1 2019-08-16

229 km SW of Topeka, United States / pop: 128,000 / local time: 08:43:06.1 2019-08-16
5 km SW of Hutchinson, United States / pop: 42,100 / local time: 08:43:06.1 2019-08-16
2 km SW of South Hutchinson, United States / pop: 2,500 / local time: 08:43:06.1 2019-08-16

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