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Large die off of #fish in a #canal in #Reynosa, #Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Heavy mortality of fish of all sizes, which was seen and that caused great astonishment among people who in the morning transit through the sides of it.

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TENS of TONS of #fish die suddenly in #WestBandungRegency, #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Tens of tons of fish belonging to farmer Keramba floating NETS (Kja), in the village of Mekarjaya, District Cihampelas, West Bandung Regency (KBB), died. As a result, fish farmers lose hundreds of millions rupiah.

The fish farmers at Saguling Reservoir suspect the death of tens of tons of their fish caused by poisoning derived from the waste flowing in the Citarum River and flowing into Saguling Reservoir, where the KJA belongs to the farmers.

Above, in the area of BBS Batujajar Bridge There is a dredging activity of waste and sedimentation of rivers by heavy. As a result the river water turns black and releases a pungent smell.

One of the KJA fish Farmers, Hermanto (45) said, tens of tons of dead fish the majority is a type of goldfish and tilapia.

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Thousands of dead #fish found in #Surabaya, #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of fish were found dead at Kali Surabaya. According to research results while water in Kali Surabaya experienced disolved meter oxygen (DO).

The oxygen content in water is not enough, resulting in a lot of dead fish or drunk at the time.

Drunk and dead fish are found in Jalan Mastrip, Surabaya, to Bambe Street, Gresik, Monday-Tuesday (22-23/7).

“After hearing a lot of dead fish, we did the water check. What we see is DO, the decline in oxygen levels, “said the Dirut PDAM Surya Sembada Surabaya, Mujiaman, Tuesday (22/7).

Because in Karang Pilang there are PDAM 1, 2 and 3, it immediately takes the handling by adding air, and using chemicals for precipitation. The treatment has been done since Tuesday morning.

However, until now the condition of the water flowing to the society is fairly safe.

Until now, there is no known cause of DO. Because, deciding that water pollution due to waste, or others, is the authority of the Environment Service (DLH).

But, if many fish die suddenly, there is usually a lack of oxygen due to the many organic elements in the water. “Now, if the water is directly consumed by humans, it will be dangerous,” he said.

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100 TONS of #fish dead in #FishFarms in #NongKhai, #Thailand

Fish Kill Alert

Director-General of Fisheries is preparing to distribute tilapia species. To fish farmers in cages that have been affected by drought in the Northeast – Mekong River below 100 people, indicating that the tilapia is dead more than 100 tons.

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Die off of #salmon along the #YukonRiver, #Alaska, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

Dead salmon have been found covering the banks of Yukon River leaving scientists and residents to wonder why.

Reports of dead fish had been coming in since last week. Scientists believe this could lead to a dramatic decrease in the salmon population. The salmon carcasses were found with eggs and sperm still inside, meaning they have not spawned.

Stephanie Quinn-Davidson, the director of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission has received multiple reports of dead and lethargic Salmon.

“Kids were able to catch chum salmon with their bare hands in the mainstream of the Yukon River because the chum salmon seemed so disoriented.” Quotes Quinn-Davidson.

She received a separate report where two people in the Koyukuk had found 100 salmon along the shore of one river bank. What’s more odd is that birds of prey don’t seem to be eating or even touching the beached fish as they usually would.

Quinn-Davidson theorizes that heat stress may be the cause of the deaths, as temperatures have been warmer this summer.

Quinn-Davison encourages those who come across any dead salmon to take pictures of them, count how many fish there are and immediately contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

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TENS OF TONS of dead #fish in #Wadaslintang #reservoir in #Java, #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Tens of tons of carp owned by farmers and private companies located in Wadaslintang Reservoir, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java, died suddenly. The average per Karamba suffered a death of 95 percent.

Head of fisheries at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of Wonosobo Regency, Pramuji, in Wonosobo, Thursday, July 25, 2019, said this symptom has been happening ten years ago exactly at 2009.

He said this year the symptoms were felt starting on Friday (19/7) Then, marked fish that were in the common water was already experiencing abnormalities and peaks on Sunday night, fish in the Karamba experienced mass death.

According to him the death of fish allegedly due to extreme climate change in this drought with tremendous heat during the day and cold with very low temperatures during the night that affects the temperature as well as the volume of water becomes fewer, so with The same volume of fish, raises up willing or rising toxins from the base of the reservoir derived from sediment or piles of residual feed from fish farming.

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Hundreds of dead fish found ‘a mystery’ in a river in Lambarene, Gabon

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish were found dead in July on part of the Ogooué River near Lambaréné, causing concern. The government on Monday banned fishing in the affected area and an investigation has been launched to determine the reasons for this phenomenon.

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40,000 #pigs killed due to #AfricanSwineFever in #Ruse, #Bulgaria

African Swine Fever Alert

Bulgaria has detected another outbreak of African swine fever at a pig breeding farm near the north eastern city of Ruse, after the deadly virus was discovered earlier this month, the food safety agency said on Wednesday.

That was the 19th case in pigs in farms or backyards.

“Another outbreak was detected at a large industrial farm in the village of Brashlеn with over 40,000 pigs,” said Alexandra Miteva, a senior official for the food safety authority.

She said all pigs on the holding would be culled.

The Balkan country had reported on Saturday the first outbreak at an industrial farm, at another pig breeding farm also near Ruse. All pigs at that farm in the village of Nikolovo were culled.

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Thousands of dead #fish wash ashore on #CostaDeCaparica #beaches in #Almada, #Portugal

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of dead fish landed on Praia da Fonte da Telha Beach and Praia da Bela Vista on Tuesday, surprising bathers.

According to Jornal de Notícias , the situation was reported at 12:00 pm at Fonte da Telha Beach, in Almada. Despite the large concentration of dead fish , mostly sardines, the authorities did not identify any public health problems and there was no ban on bathing.

This is not the first time such a phenomenon has occurred on the spot and, according to the newspaper, one of the causes is the breaking of nets by fishing vessels that catch sardines off the coast of Costa da Caparica.

The Lisbon Maritime Police has issued the news report, which will be forwarded to the prosecutor, and suspects that a fishing vessel is responsible for the unloading and is trying to locate it.

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