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Melon-Headed #Whales Die in Mass Stranding in #CapeVerde

44 #cattle found dead in a #wildlife reserve in #Nepal

Livestock Alert

Last week, 44 cattle died in Sunsari, something conservationists and veterinarians say could pose immediate danger to park animals and local residents.

Following the discovery of dozens of dead cattle in the buffer zone area of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, conservation officials are concerned that the mysterious disease could spread to the reserve’s wildlife and threaten their lives.

The National Park and Wildlife Conservation Department, the government body that manages protected areas and wildlife, dispatched a two-member team to the reserve on Sunday to study and prepare a report. The place where the cattle were found dead is less than 700 meters from the reserve’s forestland.

Technicians at the Livestock Disease Research Laboratory in Biratnagar who conducted a test on the dead cattle said they had detected anthrax. Officials said at least 44 cows and oxen were found dead in Srilankatapu on Aug. 8, bleeding from their nose, eyes, ears, mouth and anus.

“The lab test confirmed that the cattle died due to soil-borne anthrax bacteria. The disease is transmissible in nature through air, water and soil,” said Dr. Manoj Kumar Mahato, a veterinarian at the Inaruwa-based Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Center.

However, officials at the national park department refused to declare that the disease that killed the cattle was anthrax.

“After the laboratory reports said anthrax was detected, we have immediately dispatched a team on the ground,” said Bishnu Prasad Shrestha, a spokesperson with the department. The team is expected to take notes from local residents, veterinarians and other park officials during its investigation.

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50,000 #fish dead in a fish farm in #Penang, #Malaysia

Fish Kill Alert

Penang Fisheries Department disclaims death claim over 50,000 fishes in Teluk Bahang arising from toxicity and pollution.

According to the release of the department, the cause of the death of the cage fish in the Bahang is still in the investigation by the Department of Fisheries, the Centre for Samudera and Pantai Studies (CEMACS) of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and the Department of Environment (DOE).

“The Department of Fisheries has sent a sample of fish and water samples to the Fisheries Department Laboratory for detailed analysis of formal parameters such as water quality, heavy metals content, parasites and so on.

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Thousands of dead #fish appear in the #Villalba #Dam in #VillalbaDeLosBarros, #Spain

Fish Kill Alert

The Association Ecologists in Action of Extremadura has filed a complaint with the Civil Guard for the appearance of “thousands of dead fish” in the Villalba de los Barros dam, specifically in the tail closest to the hermitage of San Isidro, in the term municipal of the locality of Fuente del Maestre.

The environmental association considers a “serious environmental impact” the death of these fish, which ignores the causes that have caused, all of the species called vulgarly carpín.

In any case, Ecologists in Action has warned, through a press release, that a poor state of the water in the Villalba de los Barros dam “can end up affecting the human population”, so that “a possible environmental damage it can also be a public health problem ».

Therefore, Ecologists in Action of Extremadura has alerted the Hydrographic Confederation of Guadiana and the General Directorate of Environment of the Junta de Extremadura to “carry out the actions aimed at finding out the causes of these deaths as soon as possible and , where appropriate, identify those responsible.

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15,000+ #cattle dead due to #drought in #Ozuluama, #Mexico

Livestock Alert

15,000+ cattle dead due to drought in Ozuluama, Mexico

5,000 TONS of #fish dead in the #DongNaiRiver, #Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

Due to the influence of floods and Dong Nai 5 hydroelectricity, floods caused many localities in Dong Nai province to be flooded, causing over 5,000 tons of farmed fish to die and escape to the river.

In the afternoon of August 10, Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee of Fire Prevention and Fighting and the People’s Committee of Dong Nai Province cooperated with the authorities of Dinh Quan and Tan Phu Districts to continue statistics of losses and support people to overcome due to heavy rain combined with Dong Nai Hydropower in 5 flood communes. and the incident of Đắc Kar Hydropower.

According to statistics of Dinh Quan district, up to 15 hours, on 10/8, in the district there are 4 affected communes including Phu Vinh, Phu Tan, Thanh Son and Ngoc Dinh.

In particular, the largest damaged property is Thanh Son commune. In this locality, there are 14 fish rafts of people raised on the river washed away, 224 fish raising dunes affected, causing nearly 3,600 tons of fish to die and escape to the wild; 430 bags of broken bran and drifted into the river. Property damage in Thanh Son commune is about VND 140 billion.

In Tan Phu commune, nearly 600 tons of fish were killed, 58 fish raising passes of 14 households were drifted away; flip a ferry carrying bran, drifting 200 bags of bran. Estimated damage of about 55 billion.

Ngoc Dinh commune has 55 fish rafts drifted, 250 fish paddies affected, causing 533 tons of fish to die and escape to the wild, drifting 150 bags of bran, estimated losses of over 22 billion.

The Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue in Dong Nai said that floodwaters in Tan Phu and Dinh Quan districts have withdrawn and traffic has returned to normal. The flood level on August 8 was the highest in 32 years (0.2 cm lower than in 1987). The reason is heavy rain in the upstream plus Dong Nai 5 hydroelectricity discharging floods, Dak Kar hydropower incident.

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Thousands of dead #fish wash up in a reservoir in #Bursa, #Turkey

Fish Kill Alert

Inegöl’daki Boğazköy Dam, in the morning, those who came to fishing, thousands of dead fish hit the shore saw. Notification of the situation to the municipality teams were referred to the scene. Municipal teams, dam water and dead fish sent for examination by taking samples. The study was initiated to determine the cause of death of the fish.

Speaking on the subject, Hasan Mete said, “Thousands of dead fish stranded. We think fish deaths are chemical poisoning. The so-called human works in the treatment facility but does not have the minister from. People are fishing here. They will improve the treatment plant or close the dam completely. ”

Oktay Garip, the Mukhtar of Akhisar District, where the dam is located, said, dik We came here to slaughter victims. The landscape we see is in the middle and the citizens come to the region from every neighborhood and fish. These fish are eaten, people will be poisoned. Is this due to treatment or chemical substances? We want the authorities to do a study. There are quite a lot of fish dead here, probably chemical poisoning.

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