44 #cattle found dead in a #wildlife reserve in #Nepal

Livestock Alert

Last week, 44 cattle died in Sunsari, something conservationists and veterinarians say could pose immediate danger to park animals and local residents.

Following the discovery of dozens of dead cattle in the buffer zone area of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, conservation officials are concerned that the mysterious disease could spread to the reserve’s wildlife and threaten their lives.

The National Park and Wildlife Conservation Department, the government body that manages protected areas and wildlife, dispatched a two-member team to the reserve on Sunday to study and prepare a report. The place where the cattle were found dead is less than 700 meters from the reserve’s forestland.

Technicians at the Livestock Disease Research Laboratory in Biratnagar who conducted a test on the dead cattle said they had detected anthrax. Officials said at least 44 cows and oxen were found dead in Srilankatapu on Aug. 8, bleeding from their nose, eyes, ears, mouth and anus.

“The lab test confirmed that the cattle died due to soil-borne anthrax bacteria. The disease is transmissible in nature through air, water and soil,” said Dr. Manoj Kumar Mahato, a veterinarian at the Inaruwa-based Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Center.

However, officials at the national park department refused to declare that the disease that killed the cattle was anthrax.

“After the laboratory reports said anthrax was detected, we have immediately dispatched a team on the ground,” said Bishnu Prasad Shrestha, a spokesperson with the department. The team is expected to take notes from local residents, veterinarians and other park officials during its investigation.

Courtesy of the-japan-news.com


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