Thousands of dead #fish wash up in a reservoir in #Bursa, #Turkey

Fish Kill Alert

Inegöl’daki Boğazköy Dam, in the morning, those who came to fishing, thousands of dead fish hit the shore saw. Notification of the situation to the municipality teams were referred to the scene. Municipal teams, dam water and dead fish sent for examination by taking samples. The study was initiated to determine the cause of death of the fish.

Speaking on the subject, Hasan Mete said, “Thousands of dead fish stranded. We think fish deaths are chemical poisoning. The so-called human works in the treatment facility but does not have the minister from. People are fishing here. They will improve the treatment plant or close the dam completely. ”

Oktay Garip, the Mukhtar of Akhisar District, where the dam is located, said, dik We came here to slaughter victims. The landscape we see is in the middle and the citizens come to the region from every neighborhood and fish. These fish are eaten, people will be poisoned. Is this due to treatment or chemical substances? We want the authorities to do a study. There are quite a lot of fish dead here, probably chemical poisoning.

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