2 #whales found dead on a beach in #Bahia, #Salvador, #Brazil

31.08.19 Dead Whales In Brazil

Two yubarta whales died in less than 24 hours on the coast of the Brazilian city of Salvador, capital of the northeastern state of Bahia and whose coasts are visited at this time of the year by the giant mammals to reproduce.

A whale of the Yubarta species almost 15 meters long and 39 tons in weight died after running aground on a beach in the Coutos neighborhood , on the outskirts of Salvador.

Although the giant animal was found alive early in the day, it died a few hours later despite the efforts of several inhabitants of the area who did not stop bathing it with water to keep it alive.

Another of these gigantic mammals – also known as humpback whales – also died stranded on a nearby beach , just eight kilometers away.

Experts of the Ballena Yubarta Institute, an entity that has been accompanying the visit of mammals to the coast of Bahia for 30 years and analyzing the causes of the death of aquatic mammals, told local media that the presence of animals in the region is common at this time of year.

Between July and November the whales leave the cold Antarctica in search of warmer waters to reproduce. During the breeding season, some 20,000 whales pass along the coast of the state of Bahia.

However, this year the giant mammals have also approached other coastlines of the country, such as those in the states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where their presence has been recorded in photos and videos by surprised bathers.

Courtesy of lasexta.com



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