Deadly #Floods and #Landslides After 250mm of #Rain in 12 Hours in #Italy

Photo: Fire Brigade

Heavy rain in northern Italy has caused floods and landslides in the regions of Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria.

Italy’s fire department, Fire Department, said they carried out 900 operations across the north in response to severe weather, including 226 in the provinces of Milan, 220 in Alessandria, 110 in Pavia, 110 in Lodi and 110 in Genoa.

Rail and road traffic has been severely disrupted across the 3 regions. Many schools are also closed in Liguria and Piedmont.

The province of Alexandria in Piedmont is among the worst hit areas. Piedmont Regional Agency for Environmental Protection (ARPA) reported that on 22 October, 2019 as much as 253mm of rain fell in 12 hours in Casaleggio Boiro.

The Bormida river in Alexandria jumped from 1.2 meters on 20 October to around 7.5 meters on 22 October, above the danger mark of 7 meters. The Orba river in Casal Cermelli has also exceeded the danger mark 4.5m, reaching 5.78 meters on 22 October.

Italy’s Department of Civil Protection said that around 130 people have been evacuated in the Alexandria area.

News agency ANSA reported that one man has died after his vehicle was swept away by flood waters in the Serravalle area of ​​Alessandria. Another man in Turin after a road accident blamed on the severe weather.

Their family house in fire was partially destroyed their house in Campo Ligure. ARPA Liguria said 114mm of rain fell in just 1 hour in Campo Ligure on 22 October.

Rain the previous day caused some urban flooding in Milan and Genoa. ARPA Liguria said that 117.8mm of rain fell in Genoa Pegli (Genoa) in 6 hours on 21 October.

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