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#Floods Damages Thousands of Homes in #Indonesia and #Malaysia

Floods in Aceh province, Indonesia, October 2019. Photo: Aceh Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD)

Thousands of homes have been damaged by flooding in parts Peninsula Malaysia and northern areas of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, after heavy rainfall over the last few days.

In Indonesia flooding affected the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra on the island of Sumatra.

In Aceh Province, local disaster officials reported that over 300 houses have been damaged after floods in West Aceh District, affecting over 1,000 people. Flood water was reportedly 70 cm deep following days heavy rainfall from around 22 October.

During the same period over 500 homes were flooded after heavy rain in Mandailing Natal Regency in neighbouring North Sumatra province.

Also in North Sumatra province, heavy rain over the weekend 26 to 27 October caused flooding in 11 districts of Batu Bara regency.

Local media, quoting Batu Bara Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) officials, said 1,087 houses have been flooded and thousands of people displaced and staying in evacuation sites.

Parts of Peninsular Malaysia saw heavy rain and some flooding during the same period. News agency Bernama said that, as of 26 October, a total of 691 people from 181 families were in temporary evacuation centres in the four states of Perak, Johor, Penang and Selangor.

Kuala Selangor district in Selangor was the hardest hit areas, with a total of 440 people displaced. no deaths or injuries were reported.

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Deadly #Landslide in #Junín Region, #Peru

After the landslide in Perené district, Chanchamayo province, Peru. Photo: Mindef Peru

At least 1 person died and 11 homes were destroyed after a landslide in the Junín Region of Peru.

The landslide occurred in the Perené district, Chanchamayo province, late on 25 October, 2019. A short burst of heavy rain caused the landslide, sending mud, fallen trees and debris from surrounding hillsides onto the houses below.

Peru’s National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) said a total of 5 people suffered injuries, 3 of which were serious. INDECI transferred the victims to nearby hospitals. Around 30 people were evacuated to safe areas.

Military personnel, including engineers, have been deployed to help with repairs and clean-up operations.

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More Deadly #Floods Hit #Tanga Region, #Tanzania

Floods in Handeni district, Tanga Region, Tanzania, have damaged bridges and roads, causing severe traffic disruption, October 2019. Photo: Tanga Regional Office

Over 20 people reportedly died after floods in Morogoro and Tanga regions from 12 October, 2019. By 17 October media reported that this figure had increased to 29 following a further 18 deaths in Tanga region after more heavy rain.

On 26 October at least 10 people died when a vehicle was swept away by a flooded river in the Sindeni area of Handeni district, Tanga Region, according to Tanzania’s Daily News .

Further flood-related fatalities in Handeni were reported on 27 October. Rain and flooding in the district have damaged houses and farmland. Several roads and bridges have been damaged or destroyed, causing severe traffic disruption in the district.

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#Floods Hit #Lagos, #Nigeria. Situation Worsens in #Niger and #Adamawa States

Flooding has affected several states of Nigeria over the last few days, in some cases worsening a situation that first began in late August this year.

Wide areas of the country’s north east were hit by flooding from late August this year. Central areas of the country were also affected around this time. Heavy rain that began on 17 August, 2019 caused flooding in Bosso and Chanchaga Local Government Areas of Niger State, leaving 3 dead and over 500 displaced.

Continued heavy rain in September increased levels of the Niger and Benue rivers, causing flooding in Cross River, Kogi and Taraba states, as well as Niger State where 11 deaths were reported.

Since then the death toll has increased to 18 in Niger state, according to media reports quoting Niger State Emergency Management Agency sources. The sources also said that almost 42,000 people have been displaced and 2,714 houses have been destroyed due to the disaster.

In Adamawa State, around 40 villages are under water after flooding from the Benue river, according to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Quoting Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency, NAN said heavy rain from around 23 October caused the river to break its banks. There was also some speculation that the flooding was linked to the release of water from Lagdo Dam in Cameroon.

Farmland and houses along the Benue river have been destroyed. According to officials, flooding has affected communities in the local government areas of Fufore, Yola South, Demsa, Numan and Girei.

Rainstorms and flooding affected parts of Adamawa State from 01 August, 2019, leaving 7 people dead and dozens of houses damaged in the city of Yola, the Adamawa state capital.

In the south of the country flooding has affected parts of Lagos and Ogun states. Local media reported that 6 people died in floods in Lagos from around 21 October after a release of water from the Oyan Dam in Abeokuta city of the southwestern Ogun state. Houses were damaged and business and schools closed.

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