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Thousands of dead #fish wash up on a beach in Southern #Thailand

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of dead fish appeared on a white sandy beach about 300 meters long on Nakaya Island in southern Thailand on Saturday (26th).

Dead fish are fish called Pony fish, which are usually caught alive to feed other animals.

The Director of Fisheries of Phuket said that they had checked and ruled out that a large number of fish had died due to water pollution. He believes that the dead fish were discarded by trawlers.

Naka Yai is not far from Phuket, a luxury resort in southern Thailand.

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Mass die off of #mussels continues in rivers in #Virginia, #USA


The Fresh water mussel is nature’s river cleaner. But every autumn, for three years running, there’s been a mass die off of one of the most important species. Biologists say, if this continues, what’s at stake is nothing less than our global river ecosystems.

The Clinch River system in southern Appalachia is world class, rich with wildlife from pretty much the entire food chain, top to bottom. But it’s the bottom that has scientists extremely concerned. A keystone species of freshwater mussel that filters a large portion of these waters is dying by the thousands and biologists are desperate to find out why.

Tony Goldberg is an infectious disease epidemiologist and a veterinarian from the university of Wisconsin, Madison Veterinary School. “We’re at ‘ground zero.’ This, the Clinch River is the best studied example of this. But throughout the world there are muscle populations that are experiencing what we’re calling mass mortality events where you’ll walk out onto the river and you’ll see unusually large numbers of fresh dead mussels.”

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25 dead #turtles found this year on a beach in #Coatzacoalcos, #Mexico

Turtle Alert

25 dead turtles were found on the beaches of Coatzacoalcos.

Cause of deaths are unknown.

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Tens of TONS of fish die in fish farms in West Java, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Tens of tons of goldfish belonging to floating net farmers of Darma Reservoir in Jagara Village, Darma District, Kuningan Regency , West Java, were found dead suddenly, Tuesday (10/22/2019).

As a result of this incident, fish farmers suffered losses estimated at hundreds of millions of rupiah. In fact, thousands of fish are ready to harvest. The exact cause of the death of thousands of goldfish is not yet known, but it is suspected due to lack of oxygen.

Floating nets pond farmer, Ikin Sadikin said, the cause of the death of tens of tons of goldfish belonging to the farmer farmers was allegedly due to the decline in Darma Reservoir water discharge, so the fish lacked oxygen.

In addition, he said, exacerbated by the reverse flow at the bottom of the reservoir which causes the rest of the food that settles on the riverbed to be pushed into the floating net.

“We can only surrender to the condition of the dead fish, even though the age of the fish will be ready to be harvested to be sold to a number of markets in Kuningan and even outside the region,” he said.

Ikin revealed, the sudden fish death was known to have occurred since Monday (10/21/2019) night. Tens of tons of dead fish belong to 20 floating nets farmers.

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55+ #elephants dead due to #drought in #Zimbabwe

An elephant in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park


At least 55 elephants have starved to death in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park over the past two months amid a severe drought.

“The situation is dire,” Zimparks spokesman Tinashe Farawo said. “The elephants are dying from starvation and this is a big problem.”

The drought has massively reduced crop levels in Zimbabwe.

A third of the population is reportedly in need of food aid in the midst of an ongoing economic crisis.

In August, a World Food Programme report said two million people were at risk of starvation in the country.

Some of the elephants were reportedly found within 50 metres (yards) of water pans – suggesting they had travelled far and died just before reaching them.

The elephants have caused “massive destruction” of vegetation in Hwange, Mr Farawo said. The park can handle about 15,000 elephants but currently has more than 50,000.

Zimparks – which does not get government funding – has been trying to drill wells but lacks the money to continue, Mr Farawo added.

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45+ dead #turtles found floating off the coast of #Escuintla, #Guatemala.

The finding was recorded on Thursday, October 17. Those who made the sighting reported that they saw the turtles 12 nautical miles that day; However, on Saturday the 19th they were seen at 26 miles, due to the swell due to the weather conditions on the coast has mobilized them.

Cristofher Franco, sailor, described what they observed as unfortunate, since he alone counted about 45 turtles floating in the sea.

“This is the time when the turtles reach these waters to spawn and many people do not wait until they reach the beach to lay eggs, because they hunt them and there are those who even kill them to extract their eggs,” Franco said.

The sailor explained that last Saturday the dead turtles had been dragged 26 miles offshore. “We don’t know exactly why they died, but if it had been due to pollution there would have to be other dead marine species. They probably ate something that made them sick or intoxicated, but it is a difficult question to answer, ”Franco said.

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19 dead #turtles found along the coast in #Korea

A dead loggerhead sea turtle is filled with a variety of plastic garbage in its stomach. / Korea Times file

Photo By Korea Times file

Nineteen sea turtles that lived offshore here and were found dead recently, had ingested nearly 300 pieces of plastic debris, according to a lawmaker, Monday, raising concerns over worsening plastic pollution in the ocean.

Citing information from the National Institute of Ecology and the National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea, Rep. Jeong Woon-chun of the minor opposition Bareunmirae Party said 294 pieces of ocean waste were found in 19 sea turtles of three species — three green sea turtles, 15 loggerhead sea turtles and one olive ridley sea turtle.

Fiber types of waste such as nets and ropes made up the majority of debris they had eaten at 119, followed by plastic bags at 98 and other plastic products at 21. There were also 56 kinds of polystyrene waste.

The results come as public attention regarding the protection of marine creatures from plastic pollution is growing after a video of a sea turtle in Costa Rica having a plastic straw removed from its nose went viral in 2015.

To reduce marine pollution, the government has unveiled a variety of measures, but critics say its plans are not comprehensive or enough.

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35 TONS of #fish die in fish farm in #Kien #Giang, #Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

In the last two days, fish cage cages of households in Hon Tre island commune, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province suddenly died in large numbers.

Ba Ria – Vung Tau: People empty-handed because of fish deaths

Dead fish in mass on Cha Va river

According to preliminary statistics, by the afternoon (October 18), there were about 35 tons of dead fish , mainly large-sized cobia, damage was estimated at 2.7 billion.

By noon, the phenomenon of dead fish has shown signs of slowing down. Local authorities are taking samples for water environment testing.

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6 #turtles found dead on #MarcoIsland, #Florida, #USA

In the span of two days, six dead sea turtles were found washed ashore on Marco Island and red tide is the likely culprit, according to a Collier County official.

Five Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were found dead on Wednesday and a dead loggerhead was found Thursday on Marco’s beaches, according to Maura Kraus, principal environmental specialist for Collier County.

“Red tide is off shore and gets concentrated in their food source such as crabs and mollusks and sometimes sponges,” Kraus wrote to the Eagle. “It usually takes a couple of weeks to filter out of their food after the red tide is gone.”

Katherine Ebaugh, a former Marco Island resident, said she saw a 200 pound dead loggerhead turtle that washed ashore behind the Madeira condominium, close to the JW Marriott Beach Resort, on Thursday morning.

“It had no visible propeller marks,” Ebaugh said in a phone call to the Marco Eagle.

Joanna D. Metzger, a Marco Island resident, said she saw the dead loggerhead turtle upside down during her morning walk. Metzger also said the turtle had no propeller marks.

“It is very distressing especially after what we witnessed in 2018,” Metzger said, referring to last year’s red tide. “I feel nothing has really changed in terms of water quality and management.”

In a phone call to the Eagle, Metzger said it is good that many people got to see the dead turtle even if it is difficult to watch.

“That way people will get upset and make some noise so our government will make more changes,” Metzger said.

Metzger said she also saw a dead cormorant further down the beach.

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25 dead #SeaBirds found on #SleepingBearDunes, #Michigan, USA

Dead loons

Photo by National Park Service

More than 25 common loons have been found dead at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

According to the National Park Service, the birds washed ashore on Good Harbor Bay Beach on Thursday and were found by BOT Squad volunteers.

It is likely the deaths were caused by type-E botulism poisoning, according to the NPS.

Park service staff hypothesized that the birds ingested the toxin through a series of links in the food web beginning with aquatic invertebrates that acquire the toxin by living in decaying algae on the bottom of the lake.

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