6 #turtles found dead on #MarcoIsland, #Florida, #USA

In the span of two days, six dead sea turtles were found washed ashore on Marco Island and red tide is the likely culprit, according to a Collier County official.

Five Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were found dead on Wednesday and a dead loggerhead was found Thursday on Marco’s beaches, according to Maura Kraus, principal environmental specialist for Collier County.

“Red tide is off shore and gets concentrated in their food source such as crabs and mollusks and sometimes sponges,” Kraus wrote to the Eagle. “It usually takes a couple of weeks to filter out of their food after the red tide is gone.”

Katherine Ebaugh, a former Marco Island resident, said she saw a 200 pound dead loggerhead turtle that washed ashore behind the Madeira condominium, close to the JW Marriott Beach Resort, on Thursday morning.

“It had no visible propeller marks,” Ebaugh said in a phone call to the Marco Eagle.

Joanna D. Metzger, a Marco Island resident, said she saw the dead loggerhead turtle upside down during her morning walk. Metzger also said the turtle had no propeller marks.

“It is very distressing especially after what we witnessed in 2018,” Metzger said, referring to last year’s red tide. “I feel nothing has really changed in terms of water quality and management.”

In a phone call to the Eagle, Metzger said it is good that many people got to see the dead turtle even if it is difficult to watch.

“That way people will get upset and make some noise so our government will make more changes,” Metzger said.

Metzger said she also saw a dead cormorant further down the beach.

Courtesy of eu.marconews.com


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